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Greyhound & Lurcher Training, South Side of Birmingham more
Greyhound & Lurcher Training, North Birmingham more
  • 18jun
    Daybreaks 15th Birthday Bonanza Online Auctionmore
  • 10oct
    2021...The Retired Greyhound Showmore
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50-50 Club

Join our scheme and become a member of the 50-50 club

It's easy! 50% of the money every month is given out as prize money and the other 50% benefits the Dajybreaks Trust. The more people that become members of this club - the more prize money there is and the more the Daybreaks Trust benefits!

To join, simply complete the form and send it to Daybreaks Kennels, 10 Coventry Road, Elmdon, Birmingham, B26 3QS

Terms and Conditions

Entry monies will be collected by standing order on the first of each month to make you eligible for that months draw.

The draw will take place on or before the last Thursday of the month using a random number generator.

The winning entrants will be notified and BSCS transfers or cheques will be forwarded by post.

Four prizes will be drawn and will be broken down as follows, as percentages of the total monies received as entries for that month. 1st prize 20% 2nd prize 15% 3rd prize 10% and 4th prize 5%

Winning numbers will be displayed on the DaybreaksTrust website. 

A member who resigns in writing or who at any time becomes in arrears with their subscription shall immediately cease to be a member and thereupon be excluded from any subsequent draw. They shall not be entitled to the return of any part of their subscriptions.

This lottery is a private lottery promoted under the Gambling Act 2005 and no prize won in the lottery shall be paid to or delivered to any person other than the person to whom the unit was sold.