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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by LadyVictoria

Monday 23 Nov 21:55

It was a very chilly start to the day! :) Yvonne and I kept warm by keeping busy! :)

Angie has already mentioned Penny poped in to meet the cats but was sadly not cat friendly, but no one is perfect. :) She is a super girl, my Skip really likes her. She is calmer than Lyra! :)))

It was just me, Skip,and Lyra this afternoon. I worked, they supervised from their beds!


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Events » ** Daybreaks ...

by jetlucy

Monday 23 Nov 21:22

Thanks Lynn! I can do email or WhatsApp so phew! Getting some photos of jet ready! Can we have a category of most cat/child friendly please, as jet may stand a chance of winning one then lol! Xxx

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Dogs » Penny

by shanishoo

Monday 23 Nov 17:11

Great update on Penny, she sounds perfect xxx

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Dogs » Penny

by Shanesmum

Monday 23 Nov 17:04

So in a change of plan - Miss Penny is now spending the remaining week or so of lockdown at Chez Scholey!!

She really is a little beauty - understandably a bit confused yesterday on finding herself somewhere else again, but very soon settling down. She is a great traveller in the car, and is a quiet and calm personality.

She has 3 toys to choose from, but so far has only had a few seconds play with one of them. Given time she will get to realise the fun to be had throwing toys around the room!

She does love her food and treats though - and while she will come up to you whilst you are eating for a sniff and a look with those gorgeous eyes! she doesn't pester and will happily go on to her bed and wait, just in case a tidbit may come her way!!

She does do the stairs, but is finding our winding, narrow cottage stairs a bit awkward - but by popping on her lead and going by her side she gets up fine, strangely going down is no problem.

We popped back to the kennels to cat test her this morning following an enquiry, but sadly she is not a cat friendly girl! Not to fret though, she has got so much else going for her that we are sure that forever home will be here soon - in the meantime we are happy to have this girl in our home.

Angie x

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Dogs » Prince

by cloggyerik

Monday 23 Nov 11:49

Hi all thank you for your kind words really nice to hear. I do understand and know that I have achieved a lot with Prince. He is a beautiful young lad, with lots of energy and a great sense of curiosity. I must put Sofia’s (Our daughter) safety first, who is a noisy and very active 4-year-old girl, as she should be. I just feel I could have achieved more with Prince. Interestingly, Sofia has already asked when the next doggy will come :-) For Prince, I belief he could really thrive with the family he has gone to now. I also want to thank Prince as he taught me a lot which is great for my journey to become a dog behaviourist.

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Sunday 22 Nov 22:31

Well....we walked into the kennels this morning and were greeted with a very festive scene! Five Christmas trees, way to tempting for Arry (doesn't ever cock his leg unless of course there is a fully decorated tree in temptations way) this is why he has gained the title of as Asbo at the kennels.

Thanks to Simon who fitted new sturdy wheels to the treat trolley, that was way to interesting for Maisie, who despite wearing a muzzle still managed to drag treats and a Santa down!

Lynne managed to sort the NON WORKING lights on a Christmas garland, well done. I spent ages scrubbing a chicken with not much success (don't ask, sometimes it's better not to, oh and by the way not a real chicken, nail varnish may have to be used)! Dave tackled the shed out back, it looks way better, these are things we don't have time to do when we have a "working" kennels.

Although the diary looked quite quiet we had several visitors phone to collect food, by appointment only of course and some to use the sand run.

Penny is having a change of scene whilst on foster, she has gone to stay with Angie and Michael, secretly between us they were keen to foster her a while ago! Many thanks to Sarah who had her on foster since lock down and for the glowing reports that she has given, we really appreciate what you have done :))

It started to get very chilly this afternoon, I was so glad to get home and put my nice warm "comfies" on, suppose we need to get ready for the onset of the winter weather now as well as everything else.

I added some details onto the website of new arrivals that will be due to come into kennels once lock down is over. Keep an eye out for updated details once they arrive. It will be great to have dogs back in the kennels, its so strange not having any in :((

Well....another week is upon us, take care and stay safe everyone. X

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Dogs » Prince

by sarah

Sunday 22 Nov 21:44

Erik you have done wonders for Prince's future as we all now know so much more about him which will go such a long way to help him into his perfect forever home. It seems he is a clever boy and as such a young lad he just needs the patience you afforded him just without little people. Of course you didn't fail him, obviously Sofia is the priority. Thank you for all of your hard work with Prince ! xxx Here is to the next lucky dog you help / foster x

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Dogs » Prince

by shanishoo

Sunday 22 Nov 08:26

I agree with The thirdronnie, you have not failed Prince at all, please do not think that, he has learned so much from your loving patience, and the time you have given him, I am sure he has learned a lot and is very grateful to you, your daughter comes first and you have done the right thing....well done to you and Prince xxxxx

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by LadyVictoria

Saturday 21 Nov 23:11

We have a lovely Christmas Tree forest in the kennels tonight....well five trees I think! :)). We thought it would cheer up visitors and us too to see some Christmas cheer! :) Ruth and Tina did most of the decorating. :) xx

We also have some lovely edible Christmas Presents for your dogs available, including a great Advent Calandar containing a selection of the pure treets. :) Why not treat your four legged friend to one?

Prince came in with Erik and was such a good boy; got on great with the other Greyhounds around the kennels and has very kindly been offered another foster home. Xx

We had a lot of visitors to use the sand run, it made a nice change that it didn't rain! Xx


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Dogs » Kiara

by LadyVictoria

Saturday 21 Nov 22:54

It was lovely to meet Kiara at the kennels when she came for a visit recently. She is a super girl. So nice to hear she is growing in confidence and playing with toys. :)) Xxx

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