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    CANCELLED. Melbicks Garden Centre near Coleshillmore map
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Dogs » Gold

by Shanesmum

Friday 18 Sep 17:34

Ah Mr Gold, thankyou for my kisses today. You enjoyed yourself lounging outside in the feeding run, keeping an eye on what we were getting up to.

You also had fun playing with a ball in the sand run this afternoon - not long now until you will be off to your forever home. We had plenty of cuddles during the day, but you can have another tonight too my gorgeous. xxx

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Dogs » Bessie

by Shanesmum

Friday 18 Sep 17:30

Bessie Boo - you are a little sweetheart. In the sand run this afternoon, despite having 100 metres of open space to play in, you decided it would be much more fun to try to investigate behind the summer house, and behind the Honesty Box annexe - knocking things over then putting your foot in the hole in a crate and looking at me as if to say "Umm - what do I do now?!?!".

Bless you poppet, keeping fingers crossed for you as you really should be on your very own sofa. xxxx

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Dogs » Raven

by Shanesmum

Friday 18 Sep 17:25

Raven really enjoyed her day today - she spent it lazing in the kitchen run with pal Molly, Chris's beautiful girlie. Raven does seem to thrive in the company of another dog. She is getting very playful, and was trying to encourage Molly to have a play with her by giving little barks and play bowing - so sweet to see.

Molly decided that despite the fact that there were 3 beds in the run, she would cuddle up to Raven on the same bed, so she duly climbed up and lay down in the tiny corner space available - only to gracefully slide off and end up on the floor!! The look on Raven's face was priceless - and Molly decided to hide her embarrassment by staying on the floor in the same position, one leg up in the air, as if to say "I meant to do that!!".

Our lovely Raven needs a special forever home to come along very soon as she really doesn't like being in a kennel environment. Her leg is doing well, and with all she has learned whilst being at Erik's, she is ready now. Despite all the cuddles we've had today, she gets my cuddle tonight too! xxxxx

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by Shanesmum

Friday 18 Sep 16:01

Well, what a lovely Daybreaks day that was.

Our 3 very pampered residents had a nice morning walk, then afternoon sand run fun. Although Raven's leg is so much better, she had to make do with a walk instead of a run, much to her dismay!!! She is getting so very playful now, it's great to see.

It was just Chris & I today, but with only 3 to look after it was really great! We popped raised beds in the feeding runs and the doggies spent the day outside, watching us come and go, and getting plenty of passing fusses along the way!

Chris health checked and groomed them all whilst I did my Mrs Mop impression again and took the opportunity whilst we are quiet to completely strip all the empty kennels and give them a good spring clean and lots of fresh, new bedding in readiness for new arrivals coming soon.

The weekend is here again, and with viewings booked keep your fingers crossed for a red sign - I shall raise a glass of chilled white wine later in anticipation.

The Autumn Auction ends on Sunday night, so head on over to our Facebook page for a look at the items on offer, you never know you might find just what you've always wanted!! Whatever you are doing this weekend, enjoy and stay safe.

Cheers! Angie xx

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by Jess&Tilly

Thursday 17 Sep 18:47

A quiet day at Daybreaks today, nice to be back on a Thursday.

Only three residents in but they're all happy, and enjoying the extra attention. Thanks to Alan and Declan for doing the warehouse run, Shirley for sorting more donations of bedding!

The sand run had a few visitors and i had a few nails to clip!

Erik brought Raven back and took Jack back ready for his neutering tomorrow - good luck lovely!

Thanks for all the help guys!

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Dogs » Belle

by Shanesmum

Thursday 17 Sep 16:49

Congratulations beautiful - a lovely green sign. Wishing you all lots of happy times ahead. xx

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Dogs » Raven

by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 16 Sep 20:14

Fabulous to hear how well Raven is doing during her stay with Erik and his family. It really shows that Raven will be a super little girl in the right environment. It must be so hard to bring her back to the kennels...maybe she will have the offer of a home straight away! Xxx

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Dogs » Raven

by cloggyerik

Wednesday 16 Sep 19:42

I will be brief today, as I did not see much of Raven today as I was on a course. In the morning she was happy and cheerful. She did have a little lie-in but when Charlotte came down Raven was quick to follow. We had our walk, I did not use the brace this morning she was walking tall, with a real spring in her step. She was also greeting people, which was quite funny to watch.

During lunch time I was briefly home. Both Charlotte and Raven came running down the stairs next to one another. Not had such an energic greeting before. Raven was also doing the play bow. It just makes you smile coming home to that. I understood from my wife that Charlotte and Raven had a disagreement during the morning. The matriarch telling the young gun off. No harm done.

The evening I again received a energic welcome. It really makes coming home such a joy. My wife admitted to me that she be a bit said to say goodbye to Raven, unfortunately that is the consequence of fostering. I am just pleased that we have had the privilege to have met and of having her around for a couple of days. One family will be very lucky.

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Dogs » Raven

by Shanesmum

Tuesday 15 Sep 22:31

Raven my poppet what a lovely report. It sounds like you are having a lovely time with Charlotte, even getting to share her sofa and have a little play with her. With her showing you the ropes, and Erik helping you, you are learning lots already, and it's good to hear your leg is holding up. Have a big cuddle lovely girl. Xx

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Tuesday 15 Sep 19:09

Tuesday is not my normal working day, but I was covering for Kate whilst she is on holiday. Thank you to the Tuesday Crew for all of their help.

The internet decided to join Kate on holiday! No access all day and that applied to the till as well....We had a contingency plan for that, cash and the old card reader. We really don't mind how we get a payment just as long as we do get one!!

Thanks to Barry for coming in to try and fix it, it would seem it a provider issue.

No appointments for tomorrow, the next available will be Thursday. Hopefully everything will be up and running by then.

Thanks to Cloggyerik for taking little Raven and doing some work with her, hopefully this will help her. She sounds like a proper little character with her various antics.

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