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  • 31oct
    Tony Knight Dog Education Classes Day 1more map
  • 1nov
    Kingfisher shopping centre Redditchmore map
  • 1nov
    Erdington Road Showmore map
  • 1nov
    Tony Knight Dog Education Classes Day 2more map
  • 2nov
    Tony Knight Dog Education Classes Day 3more map
  • 2nov
    Pets at Home Big Breakfastmore map
  • 6nov
    Trevor Burton Charity Showmore map
  • 15nov
    Melbicks Garden Centremore map
  • 15nov
    Pets Corner Stratford upon Avonmore map
  • 16nov
    Walk at Stratford Upon Avon Racecoursemore map
  • 16nov
    Melbicks Garden Centremore map
  • 23nov
    Evesham Country Park Road showmore map
  • 28nov
    Step Into Christmas - Christmas Partymore map
  • 29nov
    Christmas at Webbs Garden Centremore map
  • 30nov
    Christmas At Webb's Garden Centremore map
  • 30nov
    Walk at Sutton Parkmore map
  • 30nov
    Christmas at Daybreaksmore map
  • 6dec
    Street Collection and Roadshow in Central Solihullmore map
  • 6dec
    Christmas Tree Festival Wellsbourne Methodist Churchmore map
  • 13dec
    Pets at Home Stratford Upon Avonmore map
  • 19dec
    Christmas Booze Hampermore map
  • 20dec
    Melbicks Garden Centremore map
  • 21dec
    Melbicks Garden Centremore map
  • 21dec
    Stratford upon Avon Christmas Walkmore map
  • 27dec
    Mell Square Street Collectionmore map
  • 21feb
    Pets at Home Stratford Upon Avonmore map
  • 22feb
    Sheldon Country Park-Daybreaks Dogs Adoption Daymore map
  • 21mar
    Pets at Home Stratford Upon Avonmore map
  • 4apr
    Webbs Garden Centre West Hagleymore map
  • 23may
    Leamington Spa Road Show and Street Collectionmore map
  • 13jun
    UK Dog Watch Dog Show Damson Lanemore map
  • 13jun
    Pets at Home Stratford Upon Avonmore map
  • 21jun
    Great British Greyhound Walkmore
  • 28jun
    Daybreaks Birthday Partymore map
  • 12jul
    Snitterfield Fun Daymore map
  • 25jul
    Kenilworth Road Show and Street Collectionmore map
  • 8aug
    UK Dog Watch Dog Showmore map
  • 5sep
    Warwick Road show and Street Collectionmore map
  • 19sep
    Pets at Home Stratford Upon Avonmore map
  • 14nov
    Pets at Home Stratford Upon Avonmore map
  • 12dec
    Webbs of Wychbold Garden Centremore map
  • 13dec
    Webbs of Wychbold Garden Centremore map
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Dogs » Jed

by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 29 Oct 21:43

Poor Jed, hope he is feeling better today. Xxx

Dogs » Bobby (Pumpkin)

by stevie&sarah'smum

Wednesday 29 Oct 21:37

This is so lovely. I m Having trouble writing this as I have tears in my eyes. I remember reading all about Bobby and was absolutely devestated to see how this all turned out. You at least gave him happiness and you should be proud of the short time you gave him. God bless you all and Bobby Pumpkin too. I really do know how such a loss feels, as do a great many of us do. Xxxx

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Dogs » Woody

by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 29 Oct 21:37

Lovely photo of Woody on his hols! Xxx

Dogs » Bobby (Pumpkin)

by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 29 Oct 21:25

Muddypaws...thanks for sharing your feelings for your beautiful Bobby Pumpkin; he was such a lovely boy and it was so unfair he didn't have more time with you, finally enjoying the love he so deserved. I know how lucky I am to have Twiggy and Skip and after reading your comment have just given them both an extra big hug. Lots of love. Xxx

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Dogs » Sophie

by LindaPaul

Wednesday 29 Oct 15:46

Will be thinking about Sophie on Friday when she has the injection.
Beryl.... we hope you won't have to watch :-(

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Dogs » Ravi

by helenanddave

Wednesday 29 Oct 15:30

well, what a gentle giant this boy is. was a bit worried about his size when i went to walk him this morning but he was absolutely fine.No pulling. tugging or jumping, just a very pleasant walk. So, any potential adopters, please do not be put off by his size, he is absolutely lovely. sending him hugs and my cuddle today. xx

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Dogs » Bobby (Pumpkin)

by muddypaws

Wednesday 29 Oct 14:12

One year ago this week, Bobby came into Daybreaks...and into my life.... on Halloween last year. He was an abuse and neglect case. I was going to post this on Friday, but l know that l will be too emotional then to write this, so l have to do it now, because Friday will be my time with Bobby. Ruth named him Pumpkin, but l called him became ...Bobby Pumpkin. Bobby was almost eleven, and had never known love, only sadness. He was only with me for seven weeks before l lost him to Rainbow Bridge. l spent this time sleeping downstairs with him, on the sofa, or on his bed. He was so very special, and l miss him so much. l hope that you will read his story and will love your dogs... just that little bit more. l have written remember him. l would not usually share my feelings...but if it should bring some comfort to those who have lost their best friends, then l hope it may help.
To Bobby.....I miss you with every beat of my heart. l am so sorry that l did'nt have the chance to say goodbye...but l will never forget sweet and gentle boy.X
This is for you Bobby.

If my tears could turn to raindrops ...
and my pain could halt the sea...
lf my love could move a mountain...
then l would bring you me.

If my sorrow could dim the heavens...
and my grief could bend a tree...
lf my heart could still a river...
then your face...l'd always see

If my dreams could make you better...
and the angels could set you free...
lf my soul could move an ocean...
then together... we'de always be.

lf ... X.

l hope that l brought some love into your life.
l will see you Friday. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Dogs » Holly

by stevie&sarah'smum

Wednesday 29 Oct 13:47

Oh come on, what do you mean if she is still with you???? You are funny. Good girl Holly with the other dogs, mind you, you have had a bit o practice with Mr & Mrs H's hounds.

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Dogs » Milo

by Melodysmum

Wednesday 29 Oct 13:35

Reading the below up-date on Milo (my most favourite thing to do when hounds have been homed), I had a tear in my eye at reading the comment 'Our Home is now his and his future happiness is ours'. What a beautiful thing to say... And what a lucky lad Milo is! Every 'Happiness' to you all Xx

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Dogs » Paddy

by Caro

Wednesday 29 Oct 12:44

Come on Paddypaws big effort this weekend you have to find this sofa of your own it's no good keep find sofas for your mates!

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