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News » Brand new ...

by avril

Friday 20 Feb 11:04

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick note to say Penny girl is doing really well she's getting so much TLC from all of us, She's made herself at home and we feel like we've had her for a lifetime.I'm so glad when i come onto this website to see how many dogs are going to homes it's wonderful cos they deserve it. I'd like to say well done for all the hard work your all putting in. We'll bring Penny Girl up one day for a visit.
:-) xxxx

Dogs » Blinkey

by kallie

Thursday 19 Feb 18:25

this photo is a corker, i just love his big cheesy grin. well done Gorgeous George, way to go!!!! love Rossi and Toby ( oh Yeah and their mum Ina xxx)

Dogs » Jack

by Nixy

Wednesday 18 Feb 20:50

Hiya Ruth

Jack is the half brother to one of our you think he could be detrained to live with small furries or is his prey drive too strong??

Dogs » Wolfy

by DaybreaksRuth

Tuesday 17 Feb 09:11

Hello Chloe. Wolfy started limping. After a trip to the vets it was felt he had something in his pad possibly picked up during one of his many walks from the kennels. His pad was cut open 3 ways during the operation and hence we knew this would take a while to heal. Trying to keep his dressing dry was a nightmare so this is why he was fostered. He is doing really well in his foster home, his pad is now healed - his only problem is he not good with other breeds of dogs so his foster family are helping him by training him - I am sure he will find a home very soon!

Dogs » Wolfy

by ChloeBiggs

Monday 16 Feb 15:44

How did Wolfy do this to his paw too?
Yes Wolfy is a big boy but when spent some time with he knows to trust you. After his meal he used to rub his head up your leg to clean his face and when you are stroking him he would lean his head on you! He came form the same kennels as Gem and they used to be kennelled together. Wolfy really deserves a good home as he has been with you for a quite a long time know and he needs to be given a chance!I know this because i used to handle him when he used to be at our kennels aswell.

Dogs » Kevin

by kallie

Monday 16 Feb 09:37

how wonderful to see Kevin has found someone to love him, great news and good luck kevin you deserve it. xx

Dogs » Blinkey

by DaybreaksRuth

Monday 16 Feb 09:20

So glad gorgeous George is doing so well! If you email a photo to me I can add it for you :-)

Dogs » Blinkey

by George&Gypsy

Sunday 15 Feb 19:51

Well we've had George for 2 weeks now and I honestly can't remember what life was like without him. He came home with us and just fitted in to our routine, making no fuss at all about being fed and pampered like a king. He and Gypsy are the best of pals, haven't had any tiffs so far instead their constantly cuddled up on their sofa together, usually on their back with legs in the air. George is hilarious, such a character, he likes to sleep upside down with his head hanging over the sofa, tongue hanging out and baring all his teeth, he just looks like he's got the biggest smile on his face.
But even though they get on so well together, their both still eager for cuddles with us too, which is great.
The scar on his face is hardly recognisable now as the furis growing over it and he's looking more hansome by the day. When I fathom out how to put a picture on this page, I will, then anyone can see why I call him my Gorgeous George.

Dogs » Gem

by DaybreaksRuth

Sunday 15 Feb 15:16

Hi Chloe, Gem cut her foot tearing around the run with her toys! She is at my house until her foot is better and then she is off to a lovely new home very soon

News » Brand new ...

by DaybreaksRuth

Sunday 15 Feb 10:09

Hi Sharon, the black dog in the video is James who is still in and still waiting to be picked!