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About Me

Date of birth
20 mar 2004
Land of birth
IU Ireland or United Kingdom
Land of standing
IE Ireland
Racing Name
flamms emma
Ear mark
Fly TinaIE-JUL-96-BK
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent


female, 16 years old, Black

Added by DaybreaksRuth

Updated: Wednesday 01 Jan

Emma is a sweet girl who is cat friendly and good with other breeds of dog.

Emma has had 0 cuddles today (1 all together).
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by nutellajar

Tuesday 17 Apr 12:07

those eyes just melt me. brings a tear to my eye. :')

by nutellajar

Saturday 07 Apr 12:17

wat beautiful eyes. xxxx

by sas

Saturday 07 Feb 19:56

hi auntie ruth,
i'm being a really good girl, i've been for a walk along the canal with my new brothers, eaten all my tea and now i'm fast asleep! mollie the cat just looked at me when i came home and i just went and sat on my bed!
see you soon
lots of love emma xxx