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About Me

Black and White
Date of birth
21 apr 2005
Land of birth
IU Ireland or United Kingdom
Land of standing
UK United Kingdom
Racing Name
Lazy Lena
Ear mark
Sarges PixieIE-JUL-02-DKBD
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent


female, 15 years old, Black and White

Added by RobbieBoz

Updated: Wednesday 01 Jan

Lena is very laid back and very friendly

I have been tested with a medium sized collie cross dog and shown no interest.

Lena has had 0 cuddles today (0 all together).
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by kath&rob

Sunday 08 Feb 09:02

Well she has certainly made herself at home, she ate her dinner and Ti's dinner last night. When I got up this morning she had also eaten a bowl full of biscuits and half a loaf of bread, I have no idea how she managed to get that as it was at the back of the worktop, but she managed it anyway, so I have now made a mental note to remove everything from her reach. We have just come back from an hour long walk so the both of them are fast asleep.

Thank you so much Ruth for your time yesterday, this is a smashing site and I will keep up updated on Ella's progress.


by DaybreaksRuth

Saturday 07 Feb 16:19

Lena was picked today to live with Ti (New Years Gift) who was homed from Daybreaks Kennels last year.