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About Me

Date of birth
25 aug 2012
Land of birth
IU Ireland or United Kingdom
Land of standing
UK United Kingdom
Racing Name
Leavin Las Vegas
Ear mark
Ickledo MirandaIE-OCT-07-WBK
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent


female, 5 years old, Black

Added by crackercharlieX

Updated: Saturday 25 Mar

Like Vegas? Could you offer her a home? Call and ask about her on 0121 782 7702, or even Arrange a Visit

Vegas has had 0 cuddles today (41 all together).
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by Adamant

Sunday 26 Mar 11:06

Day and night 1 of vegas's stop at my house. She has been so well behaved and taken the change from kennel to house brilliantly she's found her spot and was happy to sleep on the blanket I left out and spent the night without a sound out of her. I'm also pleased she hasn't had a accident in the house going to the back door when she needs the toilet. She seems so happy and grateful and keeps on walking up to me and giving me kisses! We are just getting ready to go for a walk around Hartshill Hayes to show off this little star as she deserves a long term home so much.

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by Jembob

Saturday 11 Mar 19:09

Vegas seems to be under the radar of a lot of people at the moment but she really is a stunning little hound. She is so full of fun and an absolute treat to be with.

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by shanishoo

Saturday 11 Mar 18:17

My cuddle goes to Vegas today, hope she gets her forever home soon xxxxx

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by Jembob

Sunday 05 Mar 22:34

My first walk with Vegas today. What a lovely little hound who really enjoyed our Sunday afternoon amble down Damson Lane.

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by Jess&Tilly

Saturday 11 Feb 20:28

Well isn't Vegas a happy bean?! She was very well behaved when she let me practise taking temperatures for college. I'm sure this girl won't be here long and will soon have a sofa of her own xx

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by helenanddave

Wednesday 08 Feb 20:51

What a very happy little girl. Very bouncy to start with but once we started walking she calmed down and trotted along ok. Xx

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 07 Feb 22:19

Lovely happy little girl! Xxx

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by blueangel

Tuesday 07 Feb 22:11

A very out going and friendly girl xxx

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by mary/john

Tuesday 07 Feb 19:35

I love the name. see u in the morning x

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by shanishoo

Tuesday 07 Feb 17:35

What a great name you have Vegas, and a very pretty girl too xxxx

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