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About Me

Date of birth
16 jan 2012
Land of birth
UK United Kingdom
Land of standing
UK United Kingdom
Racing Name
Seathwaite Janet
Ear mark
C Evans, S Hepburn
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent


female, 5 years old, Black

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Saturday 25 Mar

Trainer states Janet has a lovely nature, nervous when she first meets you, but once you get to know her she will shine through (she is Jatos sister and Litter sister to Judy who came in with her.

Like Janet? Could you offer her a home? Call and ask about her on 0121 782 7702, or even Arrange a Visit

Janet has had 0 cuddles today (5 all together).
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by carolineMaxGracie

Friday 07 Apr 13:51

I think you might have lost a foster home lol xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Friday 31 Mar 20:52

What a lovely update on Janet. :) She is certainly having a great time with you all! Xxx

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by Sophie29

Friday 31 Mar 16:29

My Janet Update:
This girl.... OMG its love!!
Yesterday Janet and Gigi walked me to work and she got explore our Memorial Park. Then after a day of helping Andy weeding the garden I took Janet and Gigi on another long walk where we discovered a new field and got a little bit lost following a new footpath however we all enjoyed ourselves and found our way home.
Janet is addicted to cocktail sausages and is now on about 5 a day but this angel deserves every one of them :-)
After Janets two long walks we treated her & Gigi to an film night in the big bed with me and Andy - to my disappointment she was asleep within the first 20 minutes (however she looked happy and content).
She has so far had no accidents in the house and saves her wee wee for the garden.

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by Sophie29

Monday 27 Mar 17:43

Janets second night with us and still no accidents - Her and Gigi are getting on so well and she has also brought out a side to my Gigi that melts my heart. Janet did a mile run with me yesterday, she done fantastic and enjoyed every minute of it.
Her and Gigi shared a bed last night and both jumped in bed with me and Andy this morning for cuddles and kisses.
She is such a beautiful looking girl with an air of innocence xxx

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by Sophie29

Sunday 26 Mar 07:23

It's was Janet's first night in our home, and what a fabulous house guest she was; slowly coming out of her shell and displaying affection :) she enjoyed her walk with Gigi, she had no accidents during the day/night and really, really enjoyed her cuddles in the big kingsize bed. xxx

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by shanishoo

Saturday 25 Mar 15:03

So happy for these beautiful girls xxxx

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by blueangel

Wednesday 22 Mar 00:11

Great photo Sara xxx

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by TJ

Tuesday 21 Mar 20:43

OMG how gorgeous are these 2 beauties xxxx

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 21 Mar 20:40

Great photos of Janet and Judy together :) Many thanks to Sara. Xxx

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by NMD07

Tuesday 21 Mar 20:09

Like her sisters Judy and Janet (can't help but smile as my cousins are also Judy and Janet). Jato is a nervous little girl, she is getting braver as time goes by. It would be great if the little ones could be homed together - I am sure they will be happier with each other. As our toady is happy to have Archive and Breeze to help her learn the ways of the world. Xxx

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by LindaPaul

Monday 20 Mar 22:31

Little Janet is so shy at the moment but given time, patience and a little helping of Daybreaks magic I'm sure she will come out of her shell. She and her sister are such a cute pair though xx

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 20 Mar 20:55

Janet is very nervous at the moment. She is a very sweet little girl. Xxx

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by shanishoo

Sunday 19 Mar 14:37

What a pretty girl you are Janet xxxx

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