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Date of birth
01 nov 2014
Land of birth
IE Ireland
Land of standing
UK United Kingdom
Racing Name
Killdallon Rae
Ear mark
Kildallon LeeIE-APR-07-BK
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female, 4 years old, Black

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Tuesday 02 Jan

Trainer states she is good with children and dogs. She loves and wants lots of fuss. She is a sweet little girl.

Maggie has had 0 cuddles today (3 all together).
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by Lewisfuggie

Tuesday 30 May 09:56

Good luck beautiful girl. X

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 29 May 21:37

Wishing Maggie a very happy new life! Xxx

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by mary/john

Monday 29 May 18:26

lots of love Maggie..xxxx

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by shanishoo

Sunday 28 May 11:12

So happy to see a lovely Red sign for Maggie, hope she is not the only hound reserved today xxx

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by TJ

Wednesday 24 May 11:05

You get our family cuddle today gorgeous, hope your sore eases soon. Big hugs xxxx

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 23 May 22:58

Maggie had to go back to see the vet today. The wound on her bottom was looking a little sore. She is now taking antibiotics. She is such a sweet and very loving little girl who would thrive in a home with someone who would be happy to give her lots of cuddles! Xxx

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by shanishoo

Monday 15 May 19:45

This little girl looks such a poppet, hope her very own sofa comes along very soon xxxx

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by shanishoo

Tuesday 09 May 14:22

What a cutie pie xxxx

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by Lewisfuggie

Sunday 07 May 19:29

Maggie is so sweet. Quieter than the other arrivals we had today, loves her food and just wants to be with you. She is currently paired with the shy Coco. Xx

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