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Date of birth
01 apr 2012
Land of standing
Racing Name
Scarlett Dubh
Family tree & race history

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male, 5 years old, Black

Added by crackercharlieX

Updated: Thursday 20 Jul

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by Caro

Tuesday 18 Jul 09:33

Wishing you a speedy recovery Dubh

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by Caro

Saturday 15 Jul 19:24

I just love this boy he sounds so like Jed with his antics!

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by Wispa'sMum

Thursday 13 Jul 14:30

Dubh has arrived back from the prison project today. We were told that he spends most of his time horizontal! He loves his walks but also loves laying on the grass! I was told he is very playful in the sand run too.
He doesn't always eat his food in one go but eats well generally and has steadily put on weight over the last few weeks.
We are told he is a very happy, calm, laid back hound who loves company and now it is time for him to find his retirement home!
He is booked to be neutered next week - but we won't tell him that otherwise he will want to go back!!!!

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by shanishoo

Sunday 09 Jul 13:34

Caro, I know what you mean, he is seriously gorgeous xxxxxxx

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by Caro

Sunday 09 Jul 11:53

Please someone please give this beautiful lad a home before I seriously contemplate three which I know is just not practical for me at the present time!

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by Caro

Sunday 02 Jul 15:45

Come on some one please give this stunning lad a sofa to call his own I cannot go to three houndies if I could he would be top of my list.

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by shanishoo

Wednesday 14 Jun 15:13

This chap just melts my heart, just look at that lovely kind face xxxxx

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by Caro

Thursday 08 Jun 18:49

I just love the look of this guy!

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by bluepeter

Wednesday 07 Jun 08:46

He found having a bath very stressful but he is such a handsome boy. Xxxxxxx

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by shanishoo

Sunday 04 Jun 21:27

Oh my goodness, Dubh is stunning xxxxxx

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by NMD07

Sunday 04 Jun 16:09

This boy looks a bit of a dude. xxx

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