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04 jan 2015
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female, 2 years old, Black

Added by crackercharlieX

Updated: Friday 22 Sep

Vera's trainer says she is a very loving young lady but can be a little boisterous!

Like Vera? Could you offer her a home? Call and ask about her on 0121 782 7702, or even Arrange a Visit

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by shanishoo

Sunday 26 Nov 15:08

We met Vera in October when we visited the kennels, and I must say she made a big impression on me, full of character and such a sweetie, loved her, hope she doesn't have to wait too much longer for her forever home xxxxxx

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by Shanesmum

Sunday 26 Nov 14:00

We had the pleasure of the company of this beautiful little lady on the Brueton Park walk this morning. As Norman said previously, she hadn't a clue about getting into the car bless her - her face was a picture when we "assisted" her in!! She does travel nicely though, and delighted in squashing Michael all the way to the park!

Initially she can be quite strong on the lead, and was doing a fair bit of weaving - but there was so much going on around her and loads of exciting things for her to look at!

She behaved beautifully when encountering other breeds of all shapes and sizes, interest only being shown when she spotted off lead dogs doing zoomies, but no reaction other than raised ears. Which is a good job as on the way back to the car a rather over enthusiastic Golden Labrador launched himself at her - he was on a lead and just wanted to say hello, but crikey, if there was ever an other breeds test moment that was it!! Vera wasn't phased at all bless her.

On the return leg we were at the front of the group and Vera wasn't surrounded by a crowd, and she walked much better - maybe she was getting tired, but I also think part of her initial weaving was because she couldn't see what was going on!!

It was great to see some ex residents, other breeds and some of the kennel dogs all enjoying a lovely walk in the sunshine.

Thank you for a lovely walk Vera, you were a really good girl. You returned to Daybreaks with your head in Michael's lap quietly snoozing (don't panic - I was driving!!!) and I felt quite guilty disturbing you when we arrived.

Sleep well tonight sweetheart, and fingers crossed your very own home comes along soon . xxx

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by Jess&Tilly

Thursday 09 Nov 13:42

Vera is a lovely girl, she likes her own space when it comes to other greyhounds. But like any other spoilt princess she loves attention! She enjoys going for walks and playing with toys. Surely her home is around the corner? xxx

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by Stormin

Tuesday 31 Oct 14:07

Vera already has a lot going for her with her lovely 4 white socks and white tip to her tail making her very attractive to the eye. However there is so much more to her than just her looks.
Today on her first visit to Brueton Park she behaved perfectly in every way.
She met all sizes of other breeds and small children without any problems. She also travelled perfecly in the car (although hasnt quite mastered jumping in on her own yet !)
She loves life and is quite keen on the lead especially early in the walk so consequently would probably need someone with the confidence to walk an active dog.
She was an absolute delight to take out. Hopefully her permanent home will arrive sooner than later. She deserves it.

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by mary/john

Wednesday 25 Oct 19:08

Vera met Bailey this afternoon our border collie and got ln really well. They had a walk around the car park and there was no issues at all. Vera is a sweet girl and would make a great companion in a caring home.... Xx

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by shanishoo

Tuesday 17 Oct 19:05

Vera is fantastic, loved meeting her today, a little beauty xxxxx

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by Spanner

Friday 13 Oct 09:47

Given Vera my cuddle today as know a lovely lady called Vera, who loved seeing our greys when visiting.

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by shanishoo

Saturday 07 Oct 08:39

A cuddle for Vera today, she is so pretty xxxxxx

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by Wispa'sMum

Friday 22 Sep 09:10

aggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! :-(((( Miss Vera was booked in for her spey today but on doing her pre vet trip check we noticed she had started bleeding. No wonder she had been a bit of a cranky pants! She will be in season for around 10 days and then can't be speyed until 12 weeks from the end of her season. Gutted :-(

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by blueangel

Wednesday 20 Sep 09:20

Oh Vera you look lovely loving her name too xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 19 Sep 22:13

Vera is a very pretty, happy girl. Don't think she was too impressed with having a bath when she arrived! :)) Xxx

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by jetlucy

Tuesday 19 Sep 21:10

Oh Vera you are absolutely beautiful! Guessing it won't take you long to find your forever home! Good luck xxx

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by shanishoo

Tuesday 19 Sep 14:59

Oh Vera, you are just so beautiful, and a puppy too xxxxxxx

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