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About Me

Date of birth
09 dec 2013
Land of birth
IE Ireland
Land of standing
Racing Name
Ascot Kara
Ear mark
Ascot MeganIE-JUN-09-BK
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent


female, 4 years old, Black

Added by Lewisfuggie

Updated: Sunday 22 Oct

Kara has had 0 cuddles today (1 all together).
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by TobyW

Tuesday 24 Oct 11:25

Kara is settling in well and adjusting to her new home, she's very calm and taking everything in her stride

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by shanishoo

Sunday 22 Oct 15:12

So happy for you Kara, and you have got the handsome Rory as your bro, be happy gorgeous girl xxxxx

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by shanishoo

Saturday 21 Oct 17:40

Wow Kara, you don't hang about do you, well done on finding your sofa gorgeous girlie xxxxxx

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by jetlucy

Wednesday 18 Oct 21:24

Oh Kara what a beautiful little girl you are! Hope your forever home comes soon xxx

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by helenanddave

Wednesday 18 Oct 18:36

This lovely little girl arrived while we were at the kennels today. She has lovely eyes and is so affectionate - a real little cutie. xx

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by shanishoo

Wednesday 18 Oct 16:00

Oh Kara, you are so beautiful, hope your stay at Daybreaks is a short one xxxxxx

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