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17 sep 2014
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IU Ireland or United Kingdom
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UK United Kingdom
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Small Blackey
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Shes SpeedyIE-MAY-09-BD
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female, 4 years old, Black

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Monday 01 Jan

Holly has had 0 cuddles today (9 all together).
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by lisaBaker

Monday 01 Jan 17:01

Yeayyyyyy Holly, I’m glad your Christmas foster ended up with you finding your forever home in time for new year. Wish you all lots of happiness and love for the future xx

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by shanishoo

Monday 01 Jan 15:27

Lovely to see little Holly with her new mom and pops, awwwww. Xxxxxxx

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 01 Jan 15:12

Fantastic news for Holly! Yet more Failed Foster Parents, wonderful! Xxx

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by shanishoo

Sunday 31 Dec 15:35

Yay for Holly, so lovely to see this little girl got to be for keeps xxxxxx

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by Lewisfuggie

Monday 25 Dec 09:27

I dropped the lovely little Holly off to her foster home last night.... She was so happy.... Think we def have a new ffc member on the cards.... I'm so happy as I will get to see the little lady every day as she will only be next door... Here's hoping her sign goes green. X

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by shanishoo

Saturday 23 Dec 14:48

Aw, little Holly, sad to hear you feeling poorly, hope you feel better real soon poppet xxxxxx

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by shanishoo

Monday 18 Dec 19:09

Lovely to see that fostered sign for Holly, i did try to persuade my hubby that we could squeeze another little one in our house but the answer was no, so mardy lol!!!!!

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by shanishoo

Sunday 17 Dec 21:45

Oh Holly, you are a cutie pie, lovely photo of you in the snow xxxx

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by willerby

Saturday 16 Dec 17:37

Would love Holly to join us as Jess is so tiny too but i have 3 dogs already so not allowed anymore in the caravan :( got to stop looking it breaks my heart that i can't have anymore x

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 09 Dec 22:43

Flutterfan, you are right Holly is an incredibly sweet girl and so very tiny! She is sharing her kennel with the very handsome Teddy who is huge!! :)) Xxx

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by Flutterfan

Saturday 09 Dec 18:01

Holly looks so sweet.

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by Sillasmum

Wednesday 06 Dec 18:46

Aw sweetie! What a cute face

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by helenanddave

Wednesday 06 Dec 18:20

This little one arrived this morning. She is a bouncy, happy young lady - her tail never stops wagging! xx

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by shanishoo

Wednesday 06 Dec 15:13

Such a little cutie, she looks tiny bless her, fantastic name for Christmas too xxxxx

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