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About Me

Date of birth
08 jun 2012
Racing Name
Rapid River
Ear mark

All information from the excellent


male, 6 years old, Black

Added by Lewisfuggie

Updated: Sunday 21 Jan

Trainer states Harry is good with children and other dogs.

Harry has had 0 cuddles today (7 all together).
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by jetlucy

Wednesday 17 Jan 19:22

Well done Harry! So pleased you've got your sofa! Lots of love xxx

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by helenanddave

Wednesday 17 Jan 18:30

Well done handsome Harry! You're such a happy boy and I'm sure you and your new family will have loads of fun together. xx

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by shanishoo

Wednesday 17 Jan 17:19

Well done handsome, so pleased for you xxxxx

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by Alan&Pam

Wednesday 17 Jan 15:15

Well done Harry, I thought you wouldn't take long in finding your forever home after I met you last week. I think it will take your lucky new family a long time walking you as I'm sure such a handsome lovely hound will attract lots of admirers wanting to stop you and say hello.Hope you have a super retirement xx

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by jetlucy

Sunday 14 Jan 20:08

Harry you do look a beautiful, calm boy. Hope you get your forever home soon xxx

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by GreyhoundLittleOrderly

Sunday 14 Jan 11:27

Welcome let's hope you find your forever home soon

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by LadyVictoria

Sunday 07 Jan 21:59

A cuddle for Harry tonight. :) Xxx

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by shanishoo

Sunday 07 Jan 18:13

Handsome Harry, welcome to Daybreaks beautiful boy xxxxxx

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