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White and Brindle
Date of birth
04 oct 2004
Land of birth
IU Ireland or United Kingdom
Land of standing
IE Ireland
Racing Name
Pure Pet
Ear mark
Mr John Duggan
Pure PennyIE-JAN-96-WBD
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Quiet Penny

female, 16 years old, White and Brindle

Added by RobbieBoz

Updated: Wednesday 01 Jan

Penny is very nervous, but after being in a foster home she is starting to get confidence. She needs a very quiet and very understanding home - preferably without children. She is housetrained and walks well on the lead.

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by Pennybrindle

Sunday 08 Feb 23:00

Ruth and Rob could not have been more honest and upfront about Penny being very nervous and in need of TLC......The rehoming booklet described the return home in a confident statement along the lines of "on arrival home take your new dog straight into the house, let them explore briefly before going straight outside into the garden." ........Done, dusted and sorted by the time you'd made a cup of tea? Not in our case! Such confidence only applied to a dog that hadn't figured out that possession of the back seat of the car was nine tenths of the despite the bitter cold and falling snow it only took us two hours to coax her out of the car.......with both car doors open and variations on the Okey Cokey going on to bewilder the casual observer........Still, it's rare that one has the chance to disappear into a snowstorm with the words "I'm just going to get the dog out of the car. I might be gone a long time." One week on, how have we and Penny fared? She is absolutely gorgeous and has settled in remarkably, becoming increasingly confident by making small but significant progress on a daily basis. She is a very gentle, sensitive girl who does require kindness and patience. Each day has given us so much joy in seeing her blossom. We are so pleased she chose us to adopt her. In a word she's perfect.

by DaybreaksRuth

Sunday 01 Feb 14:04

We homed Penny today to a lovely couple who live in Sutton. We hope she is going to be very happy.