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Date of birth
12 may 2014
Land of birth
IE Ireland
Land of standing
UK United Kingdom
Racing Name
Beautys Hi
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Cleo (Beauty)

female, 5 years old, Blue

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Tuesday 01 Jan

trainer states she is good with people and children but is not good with livestock or cats, so would need homing in a home with no small animals

Cleo (Beauty) has had 0 cuddles today (6 all together).
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by mutbags

Wednesday 31 Jan 11:27

Ahhhh beautiful is Cleo. Wishing you both many years of fun together and watching her personality grow. Lots of love and cuddles ahead, enjoy, very happy for you both x

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by jetlucy

Tuesday 30 Jan 21:07

What a lovely photo, are you sure you 2 have only just been put together...looks like you've known each other for years! And yes I can totally appreciate that 1st dog feeling, i too had been waiting for as long as I can remember for what had got to be 'a big black, male greyhound' (not that I was picky!) And my beautiful jet came along and has been my shadow ever since! Nothing quite like the feeling of your best friend always by your side! Enjoy every minute with your beautiful girl, you've got some wonderful times ahead xxx

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by helenanddave

Tuesday 30 Jan 18:25

Nothing like your first greyhound! Enjoy! xx

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by shanishoo

Tuesday 30 Jan 18:06

What a lovely rehoming photo, love the new name, wishing you lots of happy times together xxxxxxx

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by CuteBarneyGumbleS

Tuesday 30 Jan 17:54

I was the same! I’ve been waiting for a dog my whole life and on 26th September my dream came true. I got our greyhound Barney. Getting Barney was definitely one of the greatest moments of my life and I love him very much. Enjoy your life with your new presious girl!

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 30 Jan 17:33

Beauty, now called Cleo was so excited to go home she just couldn't wait to have a homing photo and jumped straight into the car! Wishing her and her lovely new family lots of happy times together. I remember how I felt when I took my first Greyhound Twiggy home, a wonderful feeling you never forget. Lots of love Kate. Xxx

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by roxyroo

Tuesday 30 Jan 17:00

I have been waiting for this day since I was 3 years old, I finally have a dog of my own!! Cleo has settled in really well, currently curled up next to me with her piggy toy she has befriended. Thank you all so much for making my dream come true. She is one very special girl and she will receive nothing less than all the love in my heart xxxx

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by Sair1976

Tuesday 23 Jan 13:43

Going out to buy your bed, treats and extra bits and pieces so you will feel very welcome when you come to live with us next week. Excited ????

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by shanishoo

Monday 22 Jan 19:23

Well done Beauty, I am so happy for you xxxxxx

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by CuteBarneyGumbleS

Monday 22 Jan 16:17

That was quick work well done!

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by shanishoo

Sunday 21 Jan 19:06

Well Beauty, you certainly live up to your name, what a little smasher xxxxx

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