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About Me

Date of birth
08 sep 2013
Land of birth
IE Ireland
Land of standing
IE Ireland
Racing Name
Karlow Brandy
Ear mark
Lacken QueenieIE-AUG-06-BD
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent


male, 5 years old, Black

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Tuesday 08 May

Like Brandy? Could you offer him a home? Call and ask about him on 0121 782 7702, or even Arrange a Visit

Brandy has had 0 cuddles today (7 all together).
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by helenanddave

Thursday 24 May 10:25

A cuddle for Brandy. Met this bit yesterday and walked him - he is a gorgeous boy. Hope he is soon feeling less stressed. Xx

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by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 23 May 21:28

A big cuddle for Brandy tonight. So sad to see him so stressed. Xxx

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by shanishoo

Wednesday 23 May 16:57

Poor Brandy, I hope somebody offers this boy a foster home, it must be awful for him but also awful for you all to see him so stressed, hopefully he will get the help he needs to help him settle bless him, sending him a big hug tonight xxxxxx

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by Wispa'sMum

Monday 21 May 16:18

I have just picked up Brandy from the vets following his castrate. Sadly he had to have three teeth out however he has come back to the kennels and woofed his dinner down!!! I also took Stella to the vets this morning for her vaccination and also to check she is fit enough for her spey on Friday.... which she is and she just loved travelling in the van and couldn't wait to jump in! She is a sweet thing x

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by rubytwoshoes

Friday 11 May 20:53

Met Brandy yesterday.He came over with a very waggy tail and seems to be a friendly big boy. xxx

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by jetlucy

Tuesday 08 May 21:09

I was going to say what fab ears! Sooo cute! Lots of love brandy xxx

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by shanishoo

Tuesday 08 May 18:45

Wow, check out those ears, love them, a lovely looking hound xxxxx

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