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About Me

Date of birth
07 sep 2013
Land of birth
IE Ireland
Land of standing
Racing Name
Icecool Quattro
Ear mark
IE-GSB ICC (94) id 7531
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent


male, 5 years old, Black

Added by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Updated: Thursday 18 Oct

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by Lauramc

Sunday 07 Oct 19:16

This gorgeous boy joined us for the dog show today and he is just stunning! He isn't the biggest of boys and his gorgeous markings attracted lots of attention, even covered up in a nice warm coat. He jumped straight in the car and was more than happy to share with Teddy - sitting on him when he wanted to get comfortable. He was great with our two young children and happy to receive any affection given. He was a little interested in the small fluffy ones and has a very cute way of putting up one ear but not the other. His interest extended to a bark but he didn't pull and happily sniffed a dalmation to say hello. When we returned to the car he jumped straight in and lay down, happy to rest after all the fun.A really lovely boy.

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by shanishoo

Saturday 06 Oct 16:51

Oh I do love the spotty black ones, lovely looking lad xxxx

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 04 Oct 23:56

Ice is absolutely gorgeous! Xxx

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by jetlucy

Thursday 04 Oct 19:50

Love the look of this handsome man xxx

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