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About Me

Date of birth
06 feb 2016
Land of birth
IE Ireland
Land of standing
IE Ireland
Racing Name
Mary Roses Girl
Ear mark
Bluwin GirlIE-OCT-10-BK
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent


female, 3 years old, Black

Added by Wispa'sMum

Updated: Thursday 09 May

Rosie is calm and happy around adults and is good with children her trainer tells us. She loves fuss and going for walks.

Like Rosie? Could you offer her a home? Call and ask about her on 0121 782 7702, or even Arrange a Visit

Rosie has had 0 cuddles today (4 all together).
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by Liz_beth

Sunday 19 May 18:04

Rosie came to Sheldon Country Park with me today. She travelled well and enjoyed her walk. She's a real leaner and very affectionate. She was absolutely shattered by the time I got her back to the kennels. Bless her! X

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by jetlucy

Thursday 09 May 20:42

Oh rose aren't you a beautiful girlie xxx

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by helenanddave

Thursday 09 May 14:31

Hello beautiful girl. What a worried little face! Xx

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by pinkchicken

Thursday 09 May 12:44

so cute looking forward to seeing u when come to volunteer xx such a sweetie :)

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by shanishoo

Thursday 09 May 12:21

Aw what a little sweetheart, Rosie looks lovely xxxxx

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