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01 sep 2015
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IE Ireland
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IE Ireland
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Russmur Princess
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female, 4 years old, Black

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Friday 13 Dec

Princess has had 0 cuddles today (5 all together).
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by LadyVictoria

Friday 13 Dec 00:29

Had a lovely conversation with Jeff this morning, Celia and Princess will be going home together. :)) How exciting! Xxx

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by jetlucy

Thursday 12 Dec 20:35

Woo princess im so pleased! I really did fall for you so i think whoever has had you will be very lucky! Jeff if it is you im not jealous...much! Xxx

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by shanishoo

Thursday 12 Dec 14:40

Yay for princess, I do hope she is going home with Celia, if not, I'm just glad she's going home xxxxxx

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by Jeff

Thursday 12 Dec 14:23

Life is too short to foster

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by marbury

Thursday 12 Dec 01:58

3 is certainly not a crowd! I currently have 3 greys - 1 from Hall Green, 1 from Monmore and my latest, the lovely Wendy from Daybreaks. Wendy and her slightly older sister Jinky share the same male line. I brought the Wendy home in September to 2 who were already settled and there have been no problems at all - they all get on wonderfully. As you know, greys love the companionship of their breed. If I had the space I would have more!

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by Jeff

Wednesday 11 Dec 11:44

Hmmm, 3 is not always a crowd, I was awake at 4 am thinking that It might be easier for your Kennel mate Celia and you if you both came together, Carrie seems to be so sad at the moment it's lovely that she is so clingy with me after Mummy died but heartbreaking at the same time that I'm all she's got, does anyone have any experience on bringing 2 home to 1

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by jetlucy

Sunday 08 Dec 18:32

Well princess you are a stunner! Typically not what id fall for (you know me, the big black boys steal my heart) but there really was just something about your little face and pint size too, you'd fit in anywhere! Hope your forever home comes soon sweetheart xxx

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by Shanesmum

Saturday 30 Nov 14:13

Princess is such a happy little girl, with a very dangerous tail!! It whips round at such a pace, and she greets everybody with a smile, a bounce and a tail lash!!

Hopefully her friendly outgoing nature will show kennel mate Celia that us humans are ok and she has no need to be scared. xx

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by shanishoo

Friday 29 Nov 16:46

Princess is gorgeous xxx

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