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About Me

Date of birth
25 aug 2015
Land of birth
IE Ireland
Land of standing
VC 10
Racing Name
Cloncunny Holly
Ear mark
Family tree & race history

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female, 5 years old, Brindle

Added by DaybreaksRuth

Updated: Sunday 05 Jul

Holly has had 0 cuddles today (7 all together).
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by RosieP

Friday 14 Feb 23:04

Have a wonderful time in your new home lovely Holly. Try and be a good girl - you were a bit of a madam when you stayed with us once you'd got over your anaesthetic! Shoes and slippers appeared all over the place and toys had holes chewed in them...but you are a lovely lovely girl with such a waggy tail and so pretty, I am sure any "character traits" will be forgiven! It was lovely to meet you and spend some time with you and we hope you have a wonderful new life xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Friday 14 Feb 22:31

Wishing Holly and her lovely new family lots of happy times together. Xxx

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by shanishoo

Friday 14 Feb 16:57

Be happy in your new forever home little one xxxxxx

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 11 Feb 23:24

Holly is staying an extra night with Rosie and Paul. She was a little sick after her recent neutering operation and they wanted make sure she was feeling better before bringing her back to the kennels. Xxx

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by Chapperz

Tuesday 11 Feb 21:01

Does anyone know how Holly is doing after her op? X

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 10 Feb 22:28

Glad all went well for Holly today. :) Sounds like she is having great fun with at your house! :))


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by RosieP

Monday 10 Feb 19:18

We have the lovely Holly with us for a couple of nights and took her to be speyed today. She isn’t wanting any food yet tonight which is the opposite of how she was last night - paws up on the work surfaces in the kitchen to see what there was to snaffle! And so inquisitive!! She had her nose in every corner of every room and even climbed over the double bowl stand in the corner of the utility to get INTO the recycling box under the sink :))) She is such a pretty girl and her tail didn’t stop wagging last night. Not so much tonight but I’m sure it’ll be on the go again tomorrow.

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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Monday 03 Feb 15:04

Well done pretty little girl, so happy for you and your new lovely family, I think it was a done deal yesterday when handsome Gritty came to meet you. Thanks to your new Mom, Dad and of course Griffy for being such a gentleman. X

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by shanishoo

Monday 03 Feb 14:17

No surprise there Holly, well done young lady xxxxx

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by tessbonn

Sunday 02 Feb 22:39

Looks a lovely girl shame no more photos x

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by rubytwoshoes

Thursday 30 Jan 17:23

Good golly miss Holly, one totally fabulous girl. She's friendly, happy, and gorgeous. When I went into her kennel with the lead she wagged her tail then SAT for me to lead her up. We then had a very relaxed walk along the road and she wasn't bothered by the traffic noise or the other dogs or a man cycling past. She is quite a dainty little girl with lovely markings. Big kisses and cuddles xxxx

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by Spanner

Thursday 30 Jan 13:53

What a gorgeous girl.

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by ClaireL

Thursday 30 Jan 12:15

Oh my, that picture gave me goose bumps, she is the spitting image of our Holly, same markings, same facial expression and even has the same coat!!!

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by Sillasmum

Wednesday 29 Jan 19:13

Those eyes, that muzzle. Who could resist? Welcome little Holly xx

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by shanishoo

Wednesday 29 Jan 15:43

Oh my, what an absolute sweetie xxxxxx

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