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Date of birth
14 jul 2015
Land of standing
VC 11
Racing Name
Moorside Queen
Ear mark
Mrs. Carryl Morga
Family tree & race history

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female, 5 years old, Black

Added by DaybreaksRuth

Updated: Sunday 05 Apr

Queenie has had 0 cuddles today (9 all together).
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by rubytwoshoes

Tuesday 24 Mar 20:05

Way to go Queenie. Great rehoming photo. Have a brilliant retirement gorgeous girl xxxx

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by shanishoo

Tuesday 24 Mar 16:57

How cute does Queenie look in her rehoming photo?, be happy girlie xxxxx

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by helenanddave

Sunday 15 Mar 20:59

A lovely red sign! Well done! Xx

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by shanishoo

Sunday 15 Mar 17:03

Great to see a red sign for you Queen is, well done gorgeous xxxx

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by Sillasmum

Saturday 14 Mar 16:20

Met the lovely Queenie today when we popped into the kennels. What a sweetheart. Seems a lovely gentle girl who wants to play. Hope you get your forever home soon Queenie xx

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by LM

Tuesday 25 Feb 08:33

I walked Queenie at the weekend. What a character she has! As we started the walk we saw Kate by Bob's house. She wouldn't carry on the walk until she got cuddles from her. She'd given a little skip over to her. As we turned down the lane there was a parked car with a man sat in it. Again she gave a couple of bounces towards him. He waved at her! She walked very well. She and her kennel mate Beano (or Beanie as we often call her) are so funny together. I hope it won't be long before they both find their own homes and sofas. x

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by rubytwoshoes

Tuesday 25 Feb 06:56

Queenie is such a friendly girl. She enjoys her walks and walks nicely on her lead. Back in her kennel and it's almost impossible to leave without giving her lots of cuddles. She just loves attention, however when left she soon settles down. Cuddles and kisses for her xxx

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by rubytwoshoes

Monday 10 Feb 18:46

After so many races this delightful, friendly girl deserves a sofa of her own although she happily shares a kennel with Beano so maybe she could share a sofa too. Lots of cuddles xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 06 Feb 23:18

She does have fabulous ears doesn't she!! :)) Xxx

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by Caro

Thursday 06 Feb 18:31

Wow love the ears

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by shanishoo

Thursday 06 Feb 18:22

Oh my goodness, check out those ears, just fabulous, what a gorgeous looking houndie xxxxx

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