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Date of birth
28 jul 2017
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VC 18
Racing Name
Tumbling Dice
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Donny (Dice)

male, 3 years old, Black

Added by DaybreaksRuth

Updated: Thursday 16 Apr

Donny (Dice) has had 0 cuddles today (12 all together).
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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 24 Mar 00:00

Quick work Donny Dice! :)) Xxx

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by shanishoo

Monday 23 Mar 12:30

Great new name, be happy Donny xxxx

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by DaybreaksRuth

Monday 23 Mar 12:04

Whooooooo hoooooo!!!! Not only has Dice got a new fabulous home but a fabulous new name....... (trumpet fanfare).... Donny!
In such stressful times this is something to make us all smile xxx (call it puppy love!!!!!) :-))))

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by rubytwoshoes

Monday 09 Mar 16:41

The head injury hasn't had an adverse effect on Dice. He's still keen to go for a walk and is interested in everything around him, probably on the lookout for more pesky squirrels!!!!! Xxxxx

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by rubytwoshoes

Sunday 08 Mar 06:59

Aww Dice you poor boy. I blame the pesky squirrel!! I think you'll have a battle scar but you're still a handsome boy. Gentle cuddles for you xx

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 07 Mar 23:50

A cuddle for Dice tonight, he "bumped" his head into a metal gate after spotting a squirrel on the other side during his morning walk. What a noodle!!! Xxx

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by Liz_beth

Sunday 01 Mar 20:44

Handsome Dice came with me to Sheldon Country Park today. I had been told that he can be reactive to cars but I didn't think that would be a problem in the park! I didn't anticipate the remote control cars that children play with; he doesn't like these either!!

He wanted to be at the front for the entire walk and he was, on occasion, quite strong on the lead. He was also quite interested in other dogs for the first half of the walk. He did settle down in the second half and eased up on the lead and walked past other breeds with no problems.

I think he may need a few more trips to the park. He is a lovely lad though and someone will have a lot of fun showing him what the world post racing is like x

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 27 Feb 23:59

What a handsome boy Dice is! Xxx

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by jetlucy

Thursday 27 Feb 20:36

Wow, hello handsome boy! You're gorgeous! Xxx

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by Jess&Tilly

Thursday 27 Feb 20:36

This boy is so lovely! Hes going to make a great pet, a fun loving boy xxx

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by rubytwoshoes

Thursday 27 Feb 18:33

The dashing Dice greeted me with a kiss on my hand. Hes a rather handsome lad, I look forward to getting to know him xxxxx

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by shanishoo

Thursday 27 Feb 18:19

Oh Dice, you are stunning, loving the ears!!!! Xxxxx

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