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Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Tuesday 20 Oct

Bea has had 0 cuddles today (6 all together).
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by Shanesmum

Tuesday 20 Oct 12:00

Bea this is just the best news - just what you wanted, a lovely new home so you can be around people and join in all the fun. Be happy. xx

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 19 Oct 20:36

Lots of love to Bea, sending her a big cuddle; wishing her lots of happy times with her new family! Xxx

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by Greytness

Monday 19 Oct 20:06

So so happy that you have quickly found yourself a forever home Bea. You were so close to living out your retirement on my sofa. Have a long and happy retirement little girl xx

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by shanishoo

Monday 19 Oct 14:51

Yaaayyyyyyyy, so happy for you poppet, wishing you lots of happy times with your new family, well done little Bea xxxxx

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by DaybreaksRuth

Monday 19 Oct 09:07

Bea came home with me last night - and what a good girl she was! She explored the house and went upstairs. She toileted outside and had a very restful night on the dog bed at the side of our bed. She travels well and really is a lovely girl - she is very stressed when she is in a kennel but happy if on a bed in the run. She has a viewing today so please keep your fingers crossed for her.

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by shanishoo

Sunday 18 Oct 22:18

This little poppet is constantly in my thoughts, if we were looking for another Grey she would be at home with us now, please, somebody take this gorgeous girl into your home and hearts, our first Grey was called Bridget, which was shortened to miss B, which ended up as B, so as you can imagine, she is tugging at my heartstrings xxxx

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by LadyVictoria

Sunday 18 Oct 20:21

Great to hear Bea had a break from the kennels today. Sounds like she had a lovely time. :)) Xxx

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by Liz_beth

Sunday 18 Oct 18:35

Little Bea came out with me this morning to Sheldon Country Park. She is such a sweetie. Her tail wagged like crazy coming out of the kennels and she clearly enjoys any attention she can get. We walked for just over an hour. Like LM said, she walks very nicely, albeit at a zig zag at times. She was perfect with other dogs, in fact she paid them no attention what so ever, preferring to continue sniffing than interact with them. We went home then for about an hour. She behaved well in the house and used the garden to toilet. She just loves to be with you and will accept any fuss you're willing to give. I hope she doesn't have to wait too long for her new home xx

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by shanishoo

Sunday 18 Oct 16:00

Oh Little Bea, I do hope somebody offers you your forever home real soon, until then I'm sending you a big virtual hug, lots of love to you little one xxxxx

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by LM

Saturday 17 Oct 20:09

I walked Bea this morning and afternoon. She walks nicely (a bit of a zig zag!) and doesn't pull. She needs a home asap as she's stressed in kennels when she's not out in the feeding runs or in the back with the other dogs. With so few dogs at the moment hopefully that home is right around the corner. See you tomorrow sweetheart. x

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by Jess&Tilly

Friday 16 Oct 09:40

Little Bea... such a sweet girl who is very stressed at the minute. She craves the company of people, I took her into the Sandrun so she could get out of the kennels. She took no interest in toys even the squeaky ones ! She just wanted to be by you. Xx

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 15 Oct 22:41

Poor little Bea is finding her change of home very stressful at the moment. She cried and barked most of the day. Hoping she will soon start to settle. She is such a cute little girl who just needs lots of tlc at the moment. Xxx

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by shanishoo

Wednesday 14 Oct 20:00

Aw bless, Bea looks beautiful xxxx

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