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Updated: Tuesday 24 Nov

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by cloggyerik

Monday 23 Nov 11:49

Hi all thank you for your kind words really nice to hear. I do understand and know that I have achieved a lot with Prince. He is a beautiful young lad, with lots of energy and a great sense of curiosity. I must put Sofia’s (Our daughter) safety first, who is a noisy and very active 4-year-old girl, as she should be. I just feel I could have achieved more with Prince. Interestingly, Sofia has already asked when the next doggy will come :-) For Prince, I belief he could really thrive with the family he has gone to now. I also want to thank Prince as he taught me a lot which is great for my journey to become a dog behaviourist.

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by sarah

Sunday 22 Nov 21:44

Erik you have done wonders for Prince's future as we all now know so much more about him which will go such a long way to help him into his perfect forever home. It seems he is a clever boy and as such a young lad he just needs the patience you afforded him just without little people. Of course you didn't fail him, obviously Sofia is the priority. Thank you for all of your hard work with Prince ! xxx Here is to the next lucky dog you help / foster x

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by shanishoo

Sunday 22 Nov 08:26

I agree with The thirdronnie, you have not failed Prince at all, please do not think that, he has learned so much from your loving patience, and the time you have given him, I am sure he has learned a lot and is very grateful to you, your daughter comes first and you have done the right thing....well done to you and Prince xxxxx

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 21 Nov 22:26

We were really sorry to hear Erik could no longer foster Prince, but we understand completely that Sofia's safety must come first. We are so grateful for all the time Erik and his family gave to help Prince settle into a home environment. He has gone to another foster home today. :) Do hope he he remembers what he has learnt during his stay with Erik and will take it with him! :) Xxx

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by Thethirdronnie

Saturday 21 Nov 21:11

Oh no no no, you haven’t failed Prince, you’ve given him the most amazing time to learn about the world and passed on a wealth of information to anyone else who fosters or adopts him. You have been his saviour. Thank you for your spending your time helping him. Xxx

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by cloggyerik

Saturday 21 Nov 12:55

Prince had ups but also some downs this last week, but his improvements are continuing. So, you may ask why ups and downs. Lets first do a bit of the downs. The two main areas are weeing in the house and my young daughter.

But we keep going with positive re-enforcement to make him understand when he is doing the weeing behaviour we need. This week he has continued to manage to hold his wee during the night, which is great. Being patient with him and re-enforcing at the right time is the critical element with Prince.

With my daughter he has really improved, she can now play and make noises and do her movement which no longer spooks Prince and he watches her. Unfortunately, one time I took my daughter out when it was dark, and I am not sure what Prince thought Sofia was but he was trying to get her. Second incident today, where my daughter was doing Yoga following TV guidance when she was making lots of noises and movements and he saw her as a toy. Again, I am able to keep both my daughter and Prince save. Therefore, I still belief that Prince will thrive in an active family with older children or no children.

Lets now talk about the ups with Prince and there are many of them. Prince is really starting to respond to his name. This is especially important as it helps with control. He listens to his name, raising his head, equally the percentage of Prince coming when called is also increasing. This is great news.

He used to do an extremely high pitch bark when he sees other dogs. Through positive re-enforcement I am managing to calm this down. Now he more often will just look at the dogs but not do the high pitch bark. He has not lost his curiosity about the world and everything around him. He has engaged well with other dogs, small and large. He is also no longer running into the kitchen when there is the opportunity.

I mentioned active family, Prince really loves his walks, not just because he likes to be outdoors, but he simply enjoys the walks. Now that his castration wound has healed, I was able to take him for more and longer walks. I would take him 3 times a day on average 40-minute walks each. He would still want more, when I got ready to go out, he will come to the front door with and look at me to say can I come. We played with toys also. We played, tug and war, with a ball, he would come up with a duck, and we played with a flirt pole several times. The later really is tiring for him, 5 minutes and that is enough.

Just some observations, compared to Charlotte, he has an incredibly good sense of smell he picks up scents very quickly. He has a sensitive set of ears. He sometime responds to noises I have not heard. He is very observant. He has watch me open the gate to the kitchen (child safe gate) and has workout the there is a latch he needs to lift. One time I had not pushed it down properly and he was trying to lift the hatch with his nose. I was well impressed.

I think Prince has done well this week with his improvements. He is learning how to behave in the house. Yes, he has had a couple of slip-ups but that is part of learning you make mistakes. Unfortunately, todays mistake means I must keep both my daughter and Prince safe I will have to stop the fostering. I find it upsetting because I feel I have failed him on the other hand he has made great progress. What is especially important to realise that Prince placed in the right environment will be a great addition to that family. I am sorry Prince that I must stop the fostering, but also well-done Prince with your progress over the time you were with us. Have a great retirement.

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by LadyVictoria

Sunday 15 Nov 21:54

Great to hear Prince has been doing well the last few days. Thanks so much to Erik and his family for their patience and time. He is a only a young lad with a lot to learn. :) Xxx

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by Shanesmum

Sunday 15 Nov 16:50

What a great report for you Prince. Huge thanks to Erik for taking the time to show you how to settle into retired living - it's not as easy as some folk may think! Everything is so different and strange, and the only way you know what's expected of you is if you are shown.

You are a young & handsome fella - with plenty of time and patience you are going to make a great companion. In the meantime keep on learning lots and finding out all about the big, wide world. xx

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by shanishoo

Sunday 15 Nov 16:04

Keep up the good work Prince, you will get there in the end, after all you are still a baby, we have has two 18 month old Greyhounds at different times and we know how playful they can be. It's fantastic that you have foster parents who are willing to put in the time and effort to show you what is acceptable greyhound behaviour, ultimately making your life and the family that eventually welcomes you into their lives and home easier and happier, we wish you lots of luck and happiness for the future xxxxx

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by cloggyerik

Sunday 15 Nov 11:22

Prince has had a week of progression behind him. As LadyVictoria mentioned we came around the kennel last Tuesday. This was to pick-up extra bedding. Prince weed on his own bedding and committed a cardinal sin and weed twice on our bed. When Prince was at the kennel, he had 2 more large wees. Which led LadyVictoria to suggest, getting Prince checked by the vet to make sure it is not a medical problem. This is what I did, and the vet confirmed it is not medical but behavioural.

I think it was quite amusing for LadyVictoria to see first-hand Prince’s behaviour at the kennel. As mentioned before, he is simply a young toddler who needs lots of guidance and support. What does he get up to at home:

• Does not respond to his name
• Thinks our daughter is a toy
• He wees where he feels like
• Puts his front paws on the table or bench to grab something
• He drinks tea and coffee
• He walks in the kitchen when he has the chance
To name but a view.

Over the last week I started to work with him to get him house trained. Some of the behaviours I would expect, dogs are scavengers and opportunists. This means that if there is an opportunity to get food, they will take it. As a result, we need to change our behaviour to help them not display behaviours we do not want. Charlotte has been with us for 6 years, she knows the rules, but if the kitchen door is open and we are not around, she will go there and get in the bin or find food she knows might be there for the taking.

Through positive reinforcement, I worked with Prince to recognise his name. This is starting to work now. First, he raised his eyes, now he raises his head, and we are making continued progress. Similar with the weeing in the house. When he wees in the garden or during the walk, we praise him and give him a treat. He is also improving on this front we had 2-3 accidents, but he is keeping his wee overnight all great progress.

With my daughter he is also getting better. It is difficult to not let a 4-year-old make lots of noise and wild movements. My daughter understands and equally Prince is getting better not to respond to my daughter’s frantic movements and noises. This is achieved through distraction techniques and positive re-enforcements. I can deal with him due to my studies, knowledge and experience which enables me to keep my daughter save. I am sorry if I sound arrogant. For placement, I would suggest that Prince may not be suitable for families with young children.

Other dogs? This week I have seen him interact positively with other dogs. I now belief that he does his high pitch barking as to indicate, I see another dog and I want to meet and greet you. Again, through positive reinforcement I have manged to calm that down. I am now a bit more confident that he could get on with other dogs. Prince has met poodles, a small Jack Russel, a Yorkshire Terrier and Labradors he was curious and sometimes not sure what to make of them. Like Charlotte he has displayed stalking behaviour, but this did not result in a pounce.

We also saw a gentle side to Prince this week. As we are walking more, for Charlotte, it was a bit too much and when her rear paw was every uncomfortable and started to limp. Prince lay down with her, which seemed out of sympathy (they normally lay in different places). Prince does enjoy the walks 3 times a day, he loves playing, and chewing toys. For the chewing toys even KONG toys are no match for his jaws. Next week we will do some vigorous activities with him now his wound has almost healed. The statement I made last week still applies. Prince is a kind, clumsy, young boy who loves to play with anything fluffy and behaves like a toddler. He can be a hand full but also good fun. I am really pleased with the great progress he has made over the last week.

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 10 Nov 21:56

Erik brought Prince into see us today. He is looking good and is enjoying being in his foster home. Not sure Erik's own Greyhound Charlotte is so keen, she is a very elegant lady and Prince is somewhat of a clumsy youth! :)) Xxx

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by cloggyerik

Monday 09 Nov 20:20

I thought I’ll give a report on Prince. When you meet him, he is always pleased to see you and wants to go out of his kennel. No different when we came with Charlotte to see if they get on. Prince, as he is a young lad, can be a bit to enthusiastic and Charlotte let it be know she does not appreciate that. Otherwise they got on fine.

On the way home he was busy with a toy as he is not keen on driving. By the time we got home he had destroyed it. I do the normal intro routine with him. That is to say, first to the garden (not through the house). Then when he has sniffed and done a wee, I took him to the front door and invited him in. Let him explore the downstairs. Being a curious 2 year old his nose and mouth was very busy for the next two days exploring his new environment.

It is taking him time to settle in, he first was a bit confused about our 4 year old, specially when she made high pitch noises, as he would run up to her and smell her enthusiastically. I observe him closely when he is with my daughter and do not allow the two to be in one room without supervision. He is getting better as time passes. This is also because we explained to our daughter why Prince reacts and to keep it down. So both are learning which is great.

At first he did not respond to his name at all, this is slowly changing, hence control is a challenge. He has now been castrated, all has gone well and he is recovering fine. But he is still weeing everywhere to the dismay of my long suffering wife. The hormonal drive does not stop straight away after the castration and can take some time fade away.

Prince is definitely a toy boy. He really loves to play with squeaky and fluffy toys including my home-made scent toys. He has destroyed quite a number of both Charlottes and our daughters toys. To be fair to Prince our home is a target rich environment with a 4 year old toys lying around everywhere. It is a great opportunity for him to experience all he can. Before his operation we played with a flirt pole which he really likes. We have to keep things calm for now until he is fully recovered which he probably does not like as he wants to be entertained. He also quickly discovered the kitchen and that there is food there.

He is very easy to walk does not pull as a rule. He gets excited when he sees little dogs. I observed that, when they are near by he does not react he is interested but just watches. When they move away or he can see them in the distance, he will do his high pitch barking.

He has a calm and kind temperament but very curious and seems to lack some spatial awareness, which means he can bump into things, knock items over or bump into your legs whilst walking. In short he is a kind, clumsy, young boy who loves to play with anything fluffy and behaves like a toddler. He can be a hand full but also just good fun. Who ever takes him will need, patience a sense of humour and willing to engage with him.

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by LM

Monday 02 Nov 22:20

So it's just Prince who isn't reserved, fostered or rehomed. I can't understand it as he's so lovely and walked really well down the lane yesterday. Hopefully it'll be his turn very soon. He gets my cuddle today. x

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by rubytwoshoes

Monday 02 Nov 21:03

Prince is a smashing boy. He walks nicely on the lead. He is interested in everything and he loves cuddles.
Kisses for him tonight. Xxx

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by Minorfamily

Wednesday 28 Oct 07:21

Me and my partner and boys cant wait to meet prince on Saturday he sounds like a right little character

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by cloggyerik

Tuesday 27 Oct 18:27

Today the Prins family took Prince for a walk. I say family because my 4 year old daughter was asking to go to the kennel and walk one of the dogs. When I entered Prince’s kennel he was really happy to go for a walk. When we got to the car he did not like that idea and I had to lift him in the car. He is not a happy traveler, he stands-up in the car and keeps looking through the rear window and put his head through the guard and looks ahead whilst penting, lips back and dilated puppils, a sign of stress. Having said this he is not a problem in the car.

When we arrived he was so exited and wanted to get going straight away, as it had been and still was raining I had to change into my rain gear. What I did not expect was his bark. You have to understand he is a well-built boy, so when I heard his bark the first time I thought he had hurt himself, so I was checking him over but no nothing was wrong. When he again saw dogs playing in the distance and was barking I realised he has a very high pitch bark. Which I simply did not expect from such a well build boy.

He is an easy dog to walk. Yes he is very alert and moves from left to right, which is easy to control by shortening the lead. His juices start to flow when he sees other dogs, starts to bark and wants to meet them. I did allow him to meet some larger dogs which was fine, he can be a bit erratic in his movements. When it comes to smaller dogs I am not sure, ideally I would do another walk to try and better understand the displayed behaviour. The reason I say this is because I have seen him a couple of times go into the predatory sequence up to the stalk. With Prince I am not sure what his intentions are. He is still young and this was his first ever walk, that may have played part in his behaviour. It is also important to keep in mind that when you know the sequence it is easy to spot and correct the behaviour. I do this with our Greyhound Charlotte, when she goes through the sequence but especially when I she her starting to stalk, this is when I correct her and be alert myself.

As mentioned I took my 4 year old with me today. To be honest, Prince did not pay much attention to her. We met some other toddlers and again he was not phased by them. On the way back my daughter was being very loud and I belief she was throwing her cuddly toy around, that did make Prince take note but nothing else. As It was raining we only came across one cyclist which you also ignored. We did see many people and again he did not pay much attention to them.

Prince I enjoyed my walk with you today, I do not think I will forget that bark quickly. You are alert and excitable, your movements can be erratic, but also a friendly sole. For your first ever trip you did very well. It cannot be easy to come from a kennel and suddenly meet all these strange creatures (other dog breeds, humans etc). I know the perfect home is there for you enjoy your retirement.

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 26 Oct 21:35

Lovely photo of Prince, he is a big cuddly lad. :)). Xxx

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by rubytwoshoes

Monday 26 Oct 18:08

Met and cuddled the handsome Prince today. He is an total joy and so calm for such a young dog. Lovely lovely boy. Lots of cuddles xxx

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by Shanesmum

Monday 26 Oct 17:18

My goodness how handsome do you look in your new photo Mr Prince. Sending you a cuddle today my lovely. xx

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by shanishoo

Sunday 25 Oct 07:14

Prince is so very handsome xx

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by LadyVictoria

Sunday 25 Oct 00:27

I met the very handsome Prince today. :)) He is lovely. However, just before I went home he gave me a real scare...I was cleaning the toilet (as you do!) when he started screaming! I ran to his kennel to find he had somewhow got his leg stuck through the bars of his kennel and twisted it so his dew claw was one side of a bar and his foot the other!
:(( Thankfully I was able to push it back through and he was fine. We were both very stressed and had a cuddle until we calmed down! :))

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by jetlucy

Friday 23 Oct 21:08

Hello gorgeous boy! Only just gone 2, such a baby! Was racing not for you? Xxx

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