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01 nov 2017
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IE Ireland
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VC 92
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Crackling Blitz
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male, 3 years old, Black

Added by DaybreaksRuth

Updated: Tuesday 24 Nov

Scooby was due to arrive before lock down was announced.

Like Scooby? Could you offer him a home? Call and ask about him on 0121 782 7702, or even Arrange a Visit

Scooby has had 0 cuddles today (2 all together).
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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Saturday 21 Nov 19:19

Lovely update on Scooby, thanks so much for fostering him, I know how difficult it can be to do with an existing hound (or 4!!). Nice to know they are acquainted! So pleased he has settled well and is learning the daily routines. X

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by NickandMif

Saturday 21 Nov 18:17

Hello from Scooby. He proving to be a very easy hound to look after. His behaviour is near to perfect, sleeping soundly overnight and coping well with busy daytime routines. No fuss with eating and no drama when out walking. He’s keen to observe everything and happy to follow you around in the house. Scooby and RubelRebel are acquainted, and best out walking together. Scooby is very good at sleeping, lets try toys and playing next week.

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 14 Nov 20:58

Great to hear how well Scooby is doing! Xxx

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by NickandMif

Friday 13 Nov 22:09

Scooby is a lovely hound and has settled in nicely. He has explored every inch of the house downstairs and the garden and can be seen to be learning everything as he walks around. He likes the kitchen, loves his food and after some pacing around does lie down peacefully. Perfect overnight; enjoying his sleep. He’s a big and young, and behaves so well both at home and when out on walks. Let’s see what he can learn during Saturday morning training……

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by shanishoo

Sunday 08 Nov 15:59

Well done on finding a foster home Scooby xxxx

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 07 Nov 23:44

Scooby is a very handsome, happy boy! Xxx

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by shanishoo

Friday 06 Nov 15:46

Oh Scooby, you look just like my Douggie, I hope you find a foster home during lock down, you are gorgeous xxxxxx

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