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Added by Tom

Updated: Wednesday 01 Jan

Toby is a lovely boy but quite nervous of strangers. He was retired due to a broken hock and therefore still limps on his walks.

Toby has had 0 cuddles today (21 all together).
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by Ostrich

Wednesday 06 Sep 19:51

Thank you so much and my heart goes out to you...its so very difficult to have to say good bye...hugs to you too....

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by TheStoneFamily

Wednesday 06 Sep 19:34

Oh, I'm so sorry :( My condolences...we share a horrid anniversary. We lost our other grey, Lottie, four years ago today. Hugs.

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by Ostrich

Wednesday 06 Sep 18:58

A year today you fell asleep in my arms Toby...not a day goes by that I don't think about you...I miss you so were the most beautiful gentle big boy and I can see your gorgeous deep brown eyes every time I think of you...despite shocking cruelty you never turned against humans and you always were the perfect gentleman...I will always love you and although I love all my babies you were and still are closest to my heart...imiss you desperately and hope that you are happy at rainbow bridge...RIP my Wooby...xxxx

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by Ostrich

Saturday 02 Sep 09:30

Its a year ago this weekend that my beloved Toby looked at me and told me it was his time to leave me...our lovely vet came on the Tues and he fell asleep in my arms at home with Daisy and Rossi by his heart broke apart and a year on it hasn't healed...Toby died 11days before his 13 the birthday and those of you who knew him how amazing that was considering he suffered a massive stroke at 8 yes old which left him totally paralyzed. He fought back and lived another 5 years. Toby is forever in my heart...not a day goes by that I don't think of him...I miss him desperately but I know he is free of pain and he is running about wit McKenzie and Merlin...I love you Toby...always xxxx

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by LindaPaul

Tuesday 17 Sep 21:17

Happy Birthday Toby! We hope you've had a wonderful day. Love & licks from Lola & Lena x

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 17 Sep 20:02

Happy Birthday to Toby! I am sure he has been spoilt rotten today! Xxx

by Mand,Gent,Emily&George

Tuesday 17 Sep 12:38

Happy Birthday Toby. Hope you enjoy your very special day. Love and licks, Mand, Gent & Emily xxxxx

by kallie

Tuesday 17 Sep 08:38

happy 10th birthday my most handsome boy in the universe. I love yoy so very much my Toby Tobster and every single day with you is special. All my love always from your Mummy and your brothers Rossi and Merlin and lil sis Daisy. xxxxx

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by kallie

Wednesday 19 Sep 09:24

thank you everyone for my birthday wishes, i had a very special dinner and lots of lovely treats and cuddles from my mum.
i want to to say 'HAPPY 4TH GOTCHA DAY' to my little brother Rossi....its 4 years since he came home to my mum's and her life has never been the same since !!!! hehehe. xxxx

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by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Tuesday 18 Sep 12:43

Sorry its late, but happy Birthday Toby xxxxxxxxxx

by medaftboutdogs

Monday 17 Sep 22:36

Awwwww, Happy Birthday Toby, hope to catch up with you again soon. Blossy says Hi!

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 17 Sep 13:34

Wishing your lovely Toby a very Happy Birthday! xxx

by Mand,Gent,Emily&George

Monday 17 Sep 12:19

Happy Birthday Toby. I bet your Mum has something lovely planned for you tea. You are a little inspiration Toby, have a wonderful day. Mand, Gent & Emily xxx

by crackercharlieX

Monday 17 Sep 08:41

Happy birthday Toby. Your one special boy! X

by kallie

Sunday 16 Sep 21:13

it's my handsome Toby's 9th birthday tomorrow and as i am at work so early i want to wish the most wonderful boy the bestest ever birthday. I love you with all my heart my darling and every day i see you walking alongside me off the lead with the cute little tilt to your head i thank my lucky stars that you came back to me after your stroke on Dec 12th last year. you will have your treats when i come home from work and we shall celebrate with your brothers and sister. Happy Birthday Dearest Toby...and many more to and kisses from your Mummy xxxxx

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by tiggersslave

Wednesday 11 Jan 07:48

Oh great news Ina .. so pleased that all you hard work and Ruth and Rob's has paid off :) Give Toby a big 'well done' hug from me :) Jools xx

by Mand,Gent,Emily&George

Tuesday 10 Jan 19:31

Oh bless him, he's doing so well, you must be so proud of him Ina. Bet he's glad he doesn't have to get his water-wings on again though!! Mand x

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 10 Jan 14:18

What brilliant pleased for your lovely Toby. xxx

by kallie

Monday 09 Jan 22:08

Toby Tobster went to see his vet Raquel at the Willows today who was absolutely thrilled by his progress, so much so that he now does not need to go again, plenty of his gentle massage and physio and gentle walks and more time and he will be as good as new....the only thing he is not allowed to do is go for Hydro therapy, apparently his sort of stroke is not helped by exercises in water....I am sure he won't mind that at all :-)

by medaftboutdogs

Wednesday 04 Jan 22:02

Gosh Toby, your a marvel. I find swimming scary too and I'm a human!! luv t

by Mand,Gent,Emily&George

Tuesday 03 Jan 20:25

Oh Ina, it's wonderful to hear how Toby is doing and how quickly he is bouncing back. He's such a star. Keep us posted how he gets on next week at his swimming lesson. Mand xxx

by LindaPaul

Tuesday 03 Jan 17:31

Oh Toby ... what a busy day you have had. You are very brave and sounds like you have tried so very hard. I hope that next time you go, you'll know what happens and it won't be quite so scary. Lola and Lena send their love and best wishes xxx

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 03 Jan 16:41

Well done Toby! xxxx

by goldi&ruby's-mum

Tuesday 03 Jan 16:34

Oh Toby you are so brave, just don't think I could do that, thpugh my mum says it's really good for you!! Oh though I like the idea fo a pigs ear, my favourite, yum yum. Keep up the good work, licks Goldie xx

by kallie

Tuesday 03 Jan 14:09

OMG my mum took me swimming today, i was so frightened, i had to put a life vest on and then go up a ramp into the water, i really did not want to go but a lovely lady came in with me and held me and cuddled me whilst i was in the pool. i only paddled with my front legs a little bit but everyone said that i was being very clever. i was very happy when i was allowed out again but i had forgotten how to walk my legs were shaking so much from fear. i was then dried with a fluffy towel and had my cosy fleece on and in the van mum gave me a pig's ear for my troubles...i am in my bed now as i feel very tired....looks like i am going again next week though...i guess i'll get to like it sometime!!!! lots of love i walked all the way round the block this morning :-) xxxx

by kallie

Friday 30 Dec 23:28

Toby would like to thank his friends from Daybreaks very very much for their generous present to help him get further treatment, we are all very grateful to you all for your loving concern and support, thank you all so much (you know who you all are) and we would all like to wish everyone a very happy new year...lots of love from Ina Paul Rossi TOBY and McKenzie xxxxx

by Lea,Sonny,Poppy-Obi

Saturday 24 Dec 10:49

Toby, you are one very special boy to have your lovely mummy and Auntie Ruth and Uncle Rob and all other wonderful people helping to make you better ! Sounds like you are doing really well and will be running around again in no time ! lots of love
Leanne Poppy Sonny and rest of family !

by Mand,Gent,Emily&George

Friday 23 Dec 21:23

Poor Toby. He's a fighter alright, you must be so proud of his spirit and determination. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and we'll see you in the New Year. Mand xx

by kallie

Friday 23 Dec 20:07

little monkey did climb on the sofa today totally unaided and got off as well, second time he tried to get off he lost his balance and crashed into the radiator....sofa is now totally out of bounds as he has bruised himself.....he is trying to do too much and it's hard to stop him hurting himself, he has little vision in his left eye now which is causing the problems as he obviously can't judge distances and objects too well at the moment....apart from that he is doing brilliantly.....A very Happy Christmas to everyone from all of us in Derby :-) xxxxxx

by LadyVictoria

Thursday 22 Dec 13:40

What a star he are right he is your Christmas miracle! I hope you all have a lovely Chirstmas together. xxx

by tiggersslave

Thursday 22 Dec 10:42

Hi Ina that's fabulous news ... I don't believe vets either :) If you want me to show some of the Telington TTouches so that you can work on Toby daily too please give me a ring :) Love Julie xx

by kallie

Thursday 22 Dec 10:09

Toby's first hydro session booked for 3rd January....when out in the garden this morning he had a massive body shake and stretching session, currently trying to stop him from wanting to climb on the sofa....he is one determined boy :-)

by lindylou

Thursday 22 Dec 09:56

So so pleased to hear this. Well done everyone, and especially Toby!! xx

by Deb

Thursday 22 Dec 09:39

The best Christmas present ever.Ina you all must be over joyed to have Toby home where he belongs.
Well done to everyone in kennels who helped this boy and I hope and pray he continues to go from strength to to you all from Debbie and little Millie.

by kallie

Wednesday 21 Dec 22:50

i would just like to update you all....after a very poor diagnosis on monday night which left me totally heartbroken my precious boy got himself up and walked alas wobbly into Ruth's garden only 16 hours after the vet had said that there was little hope....since then he has walked lots of little walks with me and is now able to tell me when he needs to go for wees etc....after a check up today which left the vet almost speechless but very pleased i have taken our beautiful boy home to be with his mum and dad and brothers. he is now fast asleep in his comfy padded cage (so that we can make sure he does not fall if we ever have to leave the room, we can close him into his cage for a few minutes) and all is well with the world. thank you all so much for your love and concern and thank you to all who have helped at the kennels but most of all thank you to the Boswell family for nursing him to this stage...Merry Christmas to you all ....fromIna Paul Rossi McKenzie and our christmas miracle Toby xxxxxx

by Jess&Tilly

Wednesday 21 Dec 22:09

on tuesday toby just stood straight up and started to walk around, i was amazed at what joe was doing with his legs i was standing in the treatment room amazed! i have always wanted to work with animals and when something like this happens i was like i want to see joe at work so i just stood the treatment room for a while.

by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 21 Dec 13:16

Brilliant news! well done Toby. xxxx

by LindaPaul

Wednesday 21 Dec 10:54

Yay Toby! Well done big man..... keep getting stronger and you will be home very soon. Lola & Lena send woofs and licks for you xxxxx

by welovegreys

Tuesday 20 Dec 22:48

lots of love and kisses to Toby,glad to see you are getting a little bit better each day,our thoughts are with you Ina.

by Mand,Gent,Emily&George

Tuesday 20 Dec 22:04

Fantastic news, I've got such a lump in my throat. So happy for you Toby, you're a determined little fella. Ina you must be very relieved. Oh dear, now I've got tears running down my face! Mand xx

by goldi&ruby's-mum

Tuesday 20 Dec 20:14

so pleased to here you took some steps today, keep on going woof woof, love goldie xx

by poppysmum

Tuesday 20 Dec 20:13

Awww this is such good news, well done Toby. xxx

by DaybreaksRuth

Tuesday 20 Dec 20:05

Toby took some steps this morning and is doing so well. Way to go Toby! xxxxxx

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 20 Dec 13:38

So very sorry to hear about Toby; I do hope he will be ok. Sending him lots of love. xxxxx

by tiggersslave

Monday 19 Dec 11:34

Hi Ina I hadn't realised your Toby was so poorly, at least it sounds ike he's well on the mend now and hopefully home in time for Christmas. Please give him a hug from me Julie (and a hug for you too .. I bet you're worried sick :( )

by Winniethepooh

Monday 19 Dec 09:13

Hope Toby feels better soon, sounds like he is in good hands.

by kallie

Sunday 18 Dec 22:16

i would like to thank everyone who has send such lovely wishes for my boy, he is doing really well and i will never be able to thank Ruth and Robbie enough for their love and care for my boy and a very special thank you has to go to Joe who is spending so much time with Toby doing his physio and massage, it really is making a difference....without Daybreaks and everyone there i would not be able to look after my boy and i shall be eternally grateful to you all....much love and a very happy christmas to everyone from Ina xxxxx and of course Toby and his brothers Rossi and McKenzie xxxx

by Mand,Gent,Emily&George

Sunday 18 Dec 22:05

I think I was privileged to see Joe 'at work' today too. I stood quietly behind the glass to the treatment room and watched this wonderful young man gently massage and move Toby's legs and help him have a bite to eat, whilst Toby remained calm on his bed and cosy warm under his quilt. It was a very moving experience. Glad to hear that things are improving and I shall be thinking about him all the time. Hi to Ina too, sorry I didn't get chance to have a chat just as you were arriving, we were leaving and the heavens opened! Take care to you all and big thanks to Joe. Mand x

by goldi&ruby's-mum

Sunday 18 Dec 20:15

fantastic news, Joe you are a star. Hugs n kisses xx

by DaybreaksRuth

Sunday 18 Dec 20:02

Just amazing - Toby tried to walk today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is doing so well. Massive thanks to Joe our vet student who has been working with him. xxxx

by LindaPaul

Sunday 18 Dec 18:58

A big cuddle for Toby. You are doing so well you lovely boy and you have the best of care. It was nice to see you today looking so warm and cosy and you were quite interested in your mum's mince pie so that is a good sign. We are all thinking of you and your mum and dad and brothers who must be missing you loads. Lots of love from Linda, Paul and the girls Lola & Lena xxxx

by Deb

Sunday 18 Dec 15:51

I popped in to see Toby yesterday and he was being lavished with TLC.Joe one of the volunteers is fantastic with Toby gently exercising him and helping him to sit up.He looked very snug in the treatment room and I understand the big boy still has a good appetite which will hopefull aid his recovery.
He is in the best of hands and hopefully he will be back with his mum and brothers soon.Love to you all.
PS did some one say Joe is training to be a vet. if so he will be brilliant and will have a queue of greyhounds at his door once qualified.

by abbiesdad

Sunday 18 Dec 11:46

kallie and family we all thinking about you after reading about toby such sad news at christmastime lots of love (abbie sandie)

by Mand,Gent,Emily&George

Saturday 17 Dec 23:16

Poor Toby. Do you think you could manage a Dentastix tomorrow? I'll bring one for you as a treat if your Mummy thinks that will be okay. Mand x

by poppysmum

Saturday 17 Dec 21:50

Hello Toby, I came and sat with you today while Joe was giving you some physio, hope you get well soon lovely boy, and that you can go home to your mum and dad for Christmas. Joe tells me there are signs of improvement, keep it up, lots of love, poppysmum. xxx

by goldi&ruby's-mum

Saturday 17 Dec 21:48

ah toby I hope you are up n about soon, I know that auntie ruth and uncle rob will lookater you and Joe well he sounds like a star, big hugs and kisses
Love Goldie xx
P.S big hugs and kisees to your mummy n daddy too, they must be so worried.

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Saturday 17 Dec 21:39

Awww Ina i have just read all of tobys coments and i am blubbing my eyes out! u were so meant to be together and he is a very special boy! big loves to both of you! and of course Rossi and Makenzie>>love from Fi,Charlie and Fly xxxxx

by kallie

Saturday 17 Dec 20:26

Toby here...Auntie Ruth mentioned that she is looking after me as i am very dad came home on Monday night and found me collapsed on the floor and i could not get up, i was rushed off to the vets and my distraught mummy was told that i had suffered a stroke. as i was getting worse where i was my mum had me transfered to the Willows Veterinary Centre in solihull and they checked me over and made me a tiny bit better, however i am still very poorly and need 24 hour care. to my mummy's distress she can't look after me at home as she works such long hours so at the moment i am being cared for by my auntie Ruth and uncle Rob. i am at the kennels every day and Joe who is so lovely and kind helps me move my legs as i still can't do that on my own...however i am getting stronger every day and it looks like i might be able to go home for Christmas as my dad will be off work and he can help me when mum is at work and then she will look after me when she gets home...that way Ruth and Rob will be able to catch up on some rest....if you are at the kennels come and say hello to me as i would love to see you all....Toby xxxx

by kallie

Thursday 22 Sep 10:05

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE BROTHER ROSSI....he is 6 years old today and has now been a pet greyhound for longer than he was a racer...he had his 3rd gotcha day on the 19th!!! lovenlicks from Toby and Mckenzie xxx
ps happy birthday my baby boy...lots and lots of love from your mummy :-) xxxx

by toryb

Saturday 17 Sep 11:01

aww happy birthday Toby, have a great day!! xxx

by Lauramc

Saturday 17 Sep 08:41

Happy birthday Toby. I know mummy will spoil you lots! Enjoy it. Hugs and licks, Craig, Laura and Roxy. xxx

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Saturday 17 Sep 07:18

Happy birthday toby. Love fi, charlie and Fly xxxx

by kallie

Friday 16 Sep 21:36

HAPPY 8th Birthday to my beautiful are the most amazing boy and we are so proud of you and love you so very will get your presents and cake when i get home from work and we can celebrate your special day with your brothers.....lots and lots of love from your Mummy, Dad and your brothers Rossi and Mckenzie....xxxxxx

by fi-be-looking

Sunday 15 May 23:02

hi toby and gang, so glad to hear that you are having a wonderful holiday and making friends ! be good xx

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Sunday 15 May 21:06

Hi Ina, sounds like you and your boys are having a wonderful time!! I want to hear all about it when I see you and pictures!! I'd really like to go there with my boys maybe next year xxxxx

by kallie

Sunday 15 May 19:20

hello everyone, Toby here, just want to let u all know that mum and dad have taken me and my brothers Rossi and McKenzie on holiday to wales - we love it here - plenty of room to run around and because i am such a good boy i am allowed to go off lead. i made some new friends today, Gracie Ellie and Oscar, they are called Newfoundland hounds and are very big and hairy but i like them a lot as they are very nice - my brothers have not met them yet,they are not always friendly with different sort of hounds but mum is working on it:-), will let you all know how they get on. lots of love from Toby and the gang xxxx

by kallie

Friday 31 Dec 17:22

Hello everyone at Daybreaks and all our 'houndie friends' my brothers Rossi and McKenzie and I and of course our darling mummy Ina and our dad Paul want to wish you all a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR with lots and lots of love, treats and many homes for all our lovely cousins who are still at Daybreaks and who will be coming in over the next year. woofs and licks from Toby and the gang from Derby. :-))) xxxxxxxx

by kallie

Friday 17 Sep 17:17


by kallie

Monday 17 May 16:23

Toby is on hols at dumpledale farm and having a good time but today he went to the beach for the first time ever and because he forgets that he is disabled he fell of a rock on the beach and ended up at the local vets with a badly skinned front leg, he is in the lounge on the sofa resting now. he has been amazing for the last two days going off lead and having the time of his life. he is going to be on tabs for a few days now and his mummy will change his bandages with help from his auntie sas and he will be right as rain. love to all back home xxxx

by kallie

Friday 07 May 21:13

Toby and his two brothers Rossi and McKenzie are going to go on holidays next week. he will be going to little dumpledale farm and will report back on wether he likes it or not. he has been such a wonderful boy to have in my life and i count my blessings every day when i see his gorgeous face smile at me when he greets me with a waggy tail in the morning and cuddles up to me on the sofa when i have my early morning cuppa. if you see him like this you would never recognise him as the sad terrified boy he was when he came to the kennels. he is the apple of my eye and i totally adore him. xxx

by LadyVictoria

Monday 18 Jan 16:52

Toby is a very lucky boy! x

by kallie

Sunday 17 Jan 21:51

i have had Toby for a year now and what a difference a year can make in the life of an abused greyhound. Toby is much happier with life, he is loved and pampered and shares his home with his two brother Rossi and Kenzie. he lost his little non grey brother Monty in September but has coped well with the loss. Toby will now come to me when i call him and as soon as he realizes that we are going out for a walk he will come bounding out into the hall to get his coat put on and his lead on. when out he happily and very noisily barks at other dogs and squirrels and cats and trots along quite happily using all 4 legs 99 percent of the time. whereas he would hide away whenever anyone came to visit he now comes into the hall to see who it is and will even wag his tail at friends who come to see us regularly. he now joins us all in the living room whereas before he would hide in the kitchen. Toby has been and is the most rewarding dog i have ever had the privilige of re homing i am so thrilled with his progress and i am so very proud of him and i can never thank Ruth enough for trusting me enough to take on this very special boy. Ina xxx

by kallie

Saturday 16 May 20:17

Toby Rossi and Monty have been up to Scotland for a holiday. we went to Mellerstain in the borders and stayed within the estate in one of the lodges. the boys loved it and noone more than Toby. he had a huge garden to run around in and he sunbathed every day for hours as we had fabulous weather. we all went to visit friends and went out and about and he and his two brothers did me proud as they were so well behaved and everyone who met them just fell in love with them. Toby's confidence has grown so much in the last few months and he is really enjoying life and seeing new things. he has now met horses, bulls, sheep, lots of other dogs, he saw and owl and a deer in the field and some rabbits and hares as well, he was very interested in them!!! hope on of his holiday pics can be put on here for all to see how handsome he is and what a good time he had. love Ina xxx

by kallie

Tuesday 21 Apr 20:50

thanks so much for asking how my little man is, he's fine, always was, just his silly mum panicking, bless him, he's got such a pain threshold which just confirms how awful his life was before he came to Daybreaks. he is doing wonderfully well, weighs 35.5 kg now and absolutely loves every dog he meets, he played with a 12 weeks old cocker spaniel pup yesterday and you've never seen anything so sweet and gentle in your life. Toby seems very happy and contented and he is slowly losing his fear of people. it'll take a little while yet but he's getting there. he is most certainly a much loved boy and i simply an't imagine my life without him. Ina x

by bluepeter

Tuesday 21 Apr 13:51

I hope Toby is feeling better now. You were obviously meant to be Toby's guardian angel and I can't think of a better person. To hear that he is off lead and enjoying himself is wonderful because I remember the petrified Toby. Now he is content and amongst friends. Thank you.

by kallie

Saturday 11 Apr 21:49

my lovely boy has had a mishap today:-(, he was out on the park and ran around happily with all his new doggy friends, chased a lurcher around and had a good time and it wasn't until i called him back to the lead that i noticed he was bleeding from a wound on his face. i went straight home and checked him over and noticed blood on his paw as well, he had cut himself somehow. we went straight to the vet's who is only down the road and he now sports a bandage round his paw and has to take some antibiotics. we think he may have cut his paw whilst breaking, possibly on some stone, glass or even wood in the grass and his poor facial cut was more than likely a branch hitting him in the face when running around. he has to stay on the lead for a few days and he's thoroughly enjoying being even more mollycoddled than usual. he's a brave little man, he never even murmured, his younger brother Rossi who is a real whimp would have screamed the park down!!! x

by kallie

Friday 10 Apr 21:07

Toby went out with his dad today and Paul duly let him off the lead as i told him that it's perfectly safe to do so. Well, all was going nicely, Toby was happily trotting after Paul and Rossi with Monty tagging behind when suddenly Paul saw Toby flash past him at 100miles an hour, he'd seen a fox!!!! ...and was very determined that he was going to get aquainted. I got a text message saying 'Toby gone Foxin'. thankfully Toby being the wonderful hound that he is turned round and came straight back to Paul, grinning from ear to ear mind. I LOVE this little man, he's the apple of my eye!!!, and he is really having fun now, bless him. xxx

by DaybreaksRuth

Saturday 04 Apr 20:13

Ahhhhhh Toby - that's the life! (You deserve it!) Love Auntie Ruth xxxx

by kallie

Friday 27 Mar 19:57

another bit of news on Toby, he is now walking off the lead with no muzzle and is as good as gold, totally obedient, comes straight back to me when called and as happy and relaxed as a greyhound can be. he is an absolute star and i am so very proud of him, he truly puts his little hooligan brother Rossi to shame as he can not be trusted off the lead even when muzzled as he wants to attack any dog in sight, bless him. everyone who meets Toby falls in love with him as he is such a gorgeous gentle giant. will keep you all updated as and when. love Ina and the boys xxx

by kallie

Monday 16 Mar 21:58

i can't believe it's nearly 2 months since Toby came home with us. he is doing great, has put on weight, his coat is lovely and shiny and he has found his appetit, in fact he is a little food monster and will steal anything he can nick off the worktop, he's just the right height to reach without much effort. he now greats me with a very waggy tail and offers me his toy duck when i get home. he is not nearly as scared and has even allowed my friends little girl to cuddle him which is a major step forward. all in all he is a wonderful boy and i shall be forever grateful that i was allowed to bring him home to complete our doggy family. Rossi and Monty are also well by the way. xxx

by kallie

Monday 23 Feb 18:15

Hello everyone

just a quick update on Toby. he was checked over and registered with our vet last week and behaved ever so well. we weighed him and he was 34.1kg which means he had put on weight and is looking really well. he has now found his appetite and his voice especially when he sees a fox on our 5 am morning walk, boy can he move when he wants to. the rest of the time he loves lounging on 'his sofa' 9 times out of ten with all four legs in the air and his tongue hanging out. i just went past the vets on our way home from the park and popped him on the scales again and he's now 34.3 kg so i am very pleased with his progress. will keep you posted and hope to send you some more pictures soon. love Ina xxx ( and the boys )

by kallie

Friday 13 Feb 13:54

about Jo's comment...yes, you are right, i am afraid it was a foregone conclusion...sometimes these things just need to be done. Toby is settling in extremely well, putting on weight and becoming much more relaxed in everyday situations and Paul has actually really taken to him so all is well!!!

by Jo

Wednesday 11 Feb 19:55

Im so happy that Ina got to take Toby home in the end, I think her husband had no chance! x

by kallie

Sunday 08 Feb 20:57

As I am reading this the boy in question is lounging on the sofa after having kicked me ceremoniously off it, poor lad needs the room to spread out and chill!!! he has a hard greyhound life indeed! Toby is doing so well, he has bonded with Monty and Rossi and has become a Mummy's boy, he literally lets me do anything to him and never even flinches. he is beginning to trust his new dad as well and no longer gets into a panic when he enter the room or comes up to him to stroke him. we have just had confirmation of our holiday cottage owner that we are allowed to take him along ( originally we only had the 2 when we booked and that's the maximum allowed) so in May he shall have a holiday in Scotland. his movement has improved lots and he no longer walks on three legs most of the time, I am certain that all the exercise on grass will strengthen his leg and in time he will move almost normal.He is a treasure and a very much loved addition to our household. much love ...Ina x

by DaybreaksRuth

Saturday 07 Feb 18:49

Toby had been at Daybreaks since October and overlooked because he was nervous and had a limp as a result of a broken hock which stopped him from racing.
His confidence grew at the kennels and he stole Ina's heart (one of our volunteers) over time.
He now lives with Rossi and Monty and is gaining more confidence day by day.