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About Me

Date of birth
01 dec 2004
Land of birth
UK United Kingdom
Racing Name
Geezers Marcinano
Glenske JennyIE-MAR-01-BE
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent


male, 6 years old, Black

Added by Wispa'sMum

Updated: Wednesday 11 Dec

Geezer came into the kennels today. His trainer says that he is very loving and likes to put his paws around you for a hug!
Due to him being big and bouncy it is recommended that he is homed without small children and prefrably with experienced dog owners.
Second photo is from Greyhound-data.

Like Geezer? Could you offer him a home? Call and ask about him on 0121 782 7702, or even Arrange a Visit

Geezer has had 0 cuddles today (59 all together).
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by Wispa'sMum

Saturday 17 Apr 13:44

Geezer is doing well - He is back with his trainer for a while and we hope he will be back in the summer to try him for rehoming again.

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by suzie

Saturday 17 Apr 12:35

How is Geezer getting on, have not seen anything about him since 30 March, hope all is well???

by lindylou

Tuesday 30 Mar 23:45

So pleased that Geezer is going to a foster home for a while - he deserves a change of scenery. Enjoy yourself, beautiful boy!

by tinabina

Tuesday 30 Mar 21:50

So pleased for you, it's so sad to see you and Cracker still there week after week. Enjoy the break gorgeous boy. x

by kallie

Tuesday 30 Mar 20:08

so glad for you my lad that you are going to be fostered for a while and that you'll have a break from kennel life, don't be sad there will be a home for you sometime soon, you are too lovely for someone not to offer you a special place in their home and heart. big hug i shall miss your smily face. xxxx

by Wispa'sMum

Tuesday 30 Mar 19:48

Geezer is off to a foster home tomorrow. He has been a bit down in the dumps recently and we think the break will hopefully do him some good. He is going to someone who knew him during his racing days and knows him well. Good luck Geezer. xxx

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by kallie

Tuesday 30 Mar 17:22

well Geezer looks like Cracker has found himself a home so its bound to be your turn next, fingers crossed. i shall be in on friday and give you lots of love and cuddles and a big long walk if you fancy it?! x

by kallie

Saturday 27 Mar 20:45

poor little Geezer still no home for him. he is a wonderful boy and someone out there is missing out on a great companion. be patient a little longer my lovely and you'll have your forever home as well. xxx


Friday 26 Mar 18:52

looking forward to meeting geezer i thinks he is the one for us he is a diamond cant wait to meet him will see you on tuesday you have torn the strings of my heart love an d kisses geezer i will love you margoose

by skinnyme

Tuesday 23 Mar 16:03

Geezer had so much fun chasing a ball in the run today and being groomed. Please dont pass him by he is so lovable.

by Lea,Sonny,Poppy-Obi

Monday 22 Mar 20:47

Oh Geezer no one for you either !? I so wish I could win the lottery ..... then I could have as many Greys as I wanted ! hang in there gorgeous some one will fall in love with you too XX

by kallie

Thursday 11 Mar 20:40

every time i see him in the kennels my heart tears a little more. he is such a love and we all adore him but i wish we could find someone for him who will want to give him a home and the love and security he needs. he is an intelligent lad and would learn easily and will make someone a super pet dog. have a look at him please he really deserves a chance. xxxx

by Emma

Tuesday 09 Mar 14:48

Had a lovely walk with Geezer today and as usual he was a perfect gent. He greeted me by putting his paws around my neck for a big cuddle (which was unfortunate as he'd just trodden in a puddle of wee, but hey ho...) and was such a softie. I'm hoping it won't be long before it is Geezer's turn to find a home as he will make somebody a very happy and proud owner. Em x

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by Lauramc

Monday 08 Mar 18:41

Geezer, you are such a beautiful looking dog it sounds like you just need the right home! Hopefully it's just around the corner. X

by lovemygreys

Sunday 07 Mar 13:59

oh geezer I know you are a bouncy boy, but there is nothing wrong with being happy, it just sounds like you just need to be happy a little less energetically (like me) keep smiling at the visitors to the kennels and I am sure there is someone out there for you xx

by kallie

Saturday 27 Feb 19:45

Geezer needs a home of his own, in the best sense of the word. he would benefit from being an only boy with someone who can spend some time with him, he has so much love to give and he is a happy natured, boisterous but gentle lad who is very beautiful and will give someone much happiness. someone out there who only wants to have one dog and has not got young kids go and look at Geezer, he will melt your heart. thank you. Ina xxx

by lovemygreys

Monday 22 Feb 18:15

This chap has so many good comments logged about him I just cannot understand why he is still there, even his trainer says he is lovely and gives you a cuddle. It's great to see so many of the other greys have found homes last week, but please someone give him a chance, ( and then you can give him a fab name to go with those fab looks, how about TRISTRAM eh eh maybe not!!!) good look sweetie x

by LadyVictoria

Monday 22 Feb 14:02

I had a great time playing ball and having lots of cuddles with Geezer at the weekend; he really is so lovely! Kate xx

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by kallie

Wednesday 17 Feb 21:33

noone for my favourite boy yet? can;t understand it he is such a love, please someone spend some time with him and see how special he is. xxx

by JEllens

Sunday 14 Feb 16:33

He is so affectionate and loves a fuss. He really enjoyed his neck being tickled yesterday - such a gorgeous personality

by pinkunicorn

Tuesday 09 Feb 22:35

i want him so much but not able to just yet.....:((

by kallie

Tuesday 09 Feb 16:55

why does this gorgeous fellow not have a home of his own yet? he is such a lovely lovely grey and i simply can't understand that he has not been chosen. fingers crossed Geezer it won't be much longer before someone falls in love with you,,,hugs Ina xxxx

by lindylou

Monday 08 Feb 21:19

He's so handsome! He's currently 5 isn't he?

by chloe94

Saturday 06 Feb 17:08

i can't believe geezer is still here! he's wonderful!! so loving and affectionate, he would make somebody a fantastic companion. xxx

by kallie

Sunday 24 Jan 18:50

he is still one of the most beautiful big greyhounds i have seen and i have three large boys myself, he puts all three in the shade he is so handsome. he is a kind boy who loves a cuddle and he responds so well to any attention he gets. someone give this boy his forever home...Ina xxxx

by Lauramc

Friday 15 Jan 19:01

He gets more handsome on each picture! What a gorgeous boy, could he be attracting as much of my time as Cracker! Hmmmm

by kallie

Saturday 09 Jan 14:55

he is just lovely, so friendly and his tail wags all the time. he just stands and smiles at you, what a wonderful beautiful boy for someone out there. xxx

by Peppa'smom

Friday 08 Jan 22:36

I love looking at the greyhound data - this boy is Goofy's littermate and their mum, Jenny, was homed last year too.

by tracy

Sunday 03 Jan 21:22

the second photo is taken when he was about 7 months old, he was a beauty then too !!!!

by kallie

Sunday 03 Jan 20:50

still think you are incredibly handsome..can't wait to meet you. xxx

by Lauramc

Thursday 31 Dec 19:51

Brilliant name! Can't wait to meet him.

by kallie

Thursday 31 Dec 19:42

OH MY HE IS A BEAUTY!!!! have a look at his race history photo and he is related to all my boys, oh dear!!!! can't wait to meet him and give him lots of cuddles. xxxx

by skinnyme

Thursday 31 Dec 15:24

I agree Emma, hes just always going to be known as Geezer, love it.

by Emma

Thursday 31 Dec 08:49

I love him already just because of his name!!!