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Date of birth
22 may 2005
Racing Name
Belmore Hill
Ear mark

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male, 14 years old, Black

Added by Emma-Rae

Updated: Tuesday 01 Jan

I am a happy loving cheerful chappy, with a very waggy tail!

Barney is a star. He looks at you with adoring and soulful eyes. Everyone at the kennels loves him. He is very special.

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by kallie

Friday 24 Apr 19:06

Hi Fay, it's so nice to hear that he's doing so well, he looked so happy and relaxed when i saw you all recently and it was nice to see you on Easter Sunday as well. hope to see you again soon, love Ina and the lads x

by funky

Wednesday 22 Apr 17:21

hi ruth and everyone at the kennels, just thought i'd update you on how barney rubble is doing. he has settled so well and hasn't made a sound from day 1 and has had no toileting accidents either from day 1. its like hes always been here. we had my mums dog over for 5 days and he was a perfect gentleman with her. she however was a bossy little madam but he just ignored her completely when she was in one of her "bossy moods" and left her to it! he loves his food, has put on over 5 kilos and his coat is lovely. he just loves his toys and flings them all over the place. hes very often found surrounded by them completely crashed out!
he loves to sleep upside down with his teeth out and manouvers his way around the wall to get comfy! he hasn't attempted to get on the sofas at all although he is more than welcome too. hes alittle shy like that. give him time!bet he'll be on them before we know it!
out and about hes generally very good and has plenty of doggy friends, hes still a little excitable around the smaller furry ones, hes fine until they scoot off and then he tries to chase after them, hes getting there though, hes very responsive to his training and will listen. he said a very nice hello to a westie yesterday. with time and training he will come on, we are sure. hes a good lad and he will be off on his hols very soon to skeggy! hes a dream in the car. so all in all hes a loving, funny, happy go lucky lad who really loves life and his home comforts, hes very loyal and a big fusspot! him and floydy are best buddies and he looks to floyd for guidance. floyd is an excellent role model, hes fab around all dogs and very calm and relaxed, barney definately looks up to his big brother!

by funky

Tuesday 31 Mar 18:45

The sutton walk was very good (lovely to see ina, rossi and toby!) and we all enjoyed it. mums dog cindy had stayed over the night before as a trial run to make sure they would get on well as she is staying over the easter hols. they got on great! barney even slept with his head on cindy on the way back from sutton. barney is doing well at dog training, he can lie down, stay and wait (most of the time anyway! lol) he seems to be accepting of some other dogs but needs work on the smaller fluffy ones and he gets offended by the excitable ones too if they dare put their paws on him! its all a work in progress! Larger dogs aren't a problem at all. everything is just so new to him and we know from experience it takes a good while for some dogs to feel settled, safe and confident in their new home. its such a contrast going from racing machine being encouraged to chase - then couch potato and being told well actually no, please don't chase anymore! must be really hard for them. Barney really makes me laugh as he always steals my wooly walking hat and we have a pink dog cushion that we always find in his bed too! cheeky hound!he has now put on over 3 kilos too!him and Floydy boy get on well, both as nutty as each other and when they start sprinting round the garden i just run for cover! Floydy likes to grab barneys back legs but of course floydy has no teeth watsoever so barney ends upcovered in slobber. my boys, i'm very proud of them! anyway thats enough of my rambling, i could go on all day about them! fay xx

by kallie

Tuesday 31 Mar 09:10

Rossi, Toby and I met up with Barney at the Sutton walk and he's looking great. he seems to have settled really well and is obviously a much loved member of the family. it was so lovely to see him. Ina x

by funky

Tuesday 10 Mar 11:02

hello ruth, we've had the lovely barney now for 3 days and hes so well behaved. hes been clean, not a peep overnight and has enjoyed a gentle stroll in his new neighbourhood! hes met lots of dogs, he does get excited with the smaller ones, but says a nice hello, tis early days and we are going to take him to classes when his wound has healed. mum brought cindy over last night, she winds him up and she growled at him and he growled at her but they eventually settled, it will take a little time but we will work it out im sure of that! he is a real babe and loves his bed and hes a real food monster!! his coat looks better already and hes such a sunny happy boy. we will keep you posted and see you on the sutton park walk end of the month if not before if i can get you more quilts. fay and darrin