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Updated: Friday 11 May

I have created Daybreaks Daily Diary as a dog so please don't think you can adopt this one! The photo is of Tara, my first greyhound when she was at the Dogs Home. The date of birth is actually the date we opened Daybreaks :-)
This means we can add comments as well as photos - I hope you think this is a good idea!!!!

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 26 May 23:54

A damp morning which changed into a very pleasent afternoon. :)

Shirley came in to tidy up the plants in the kennels, she got distracted several times by a certain young man call Brandy who was sitting out in one of the runs. After a lovely groom she took him into the sand run for a play. :) Needless to say she didn't get her planting finished!

Thanks to everyone who came in to help today. :))

It was great to see Seren/Jingle today. She is such a sweet girl. It you would like to meet her or any of our fabulous boys and girls please pop into the kennels.

If anyone is looking for the boomerang that was in the sand run, I have a confession to make...I threw it and sadly it didn't come back! I will go and look for it on the other side of the fence next week, sorry! :)


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by Shanesmum

Friday 25 May 17:45

Where did that day come from?!?!?! The rain was of monsoon proportions and we got drenched cleaning and feeding this morning. Ruth then battled the traffic and downpours to take little Sky off to the Vets to be speyed.

The rain deterred visitors and volunteers alike, so thanks to James for braving the elements to help us out today. Even if there had been plenty of bodies today, there was no way the doggies were going out on walks - so we did plenty of grooming and health checks and generally spending quality time with the boys & girls. Sadly it was too wet and chilly for Brandy & Stella to take up their usual positions in the runs - poor Brandy really doesn't like being in his kennel and says he would prefer a big, comfy sofa please!

There was a brief respite from the rain for a couple of hours this afternoon, so all the Greys had some play time in the sand run, all except Rory who had a poorly paw. Susie is such a playful girl who loves to throw the toys around and chase them, Horse also has great fun chasing after the toys. Brandy had a lovely play in the run and was as good as gold coming when called when his turn was over, he obviously thrives on human company.

I washed all their feet after they had finished in the run with some lovely warm water, and I suspect they enjoyed that almost as much as they did playtime! They just love to lean and have a fuss, bless them.

This afternoon saw the lovely Biza off to her new home with a lovely big brother for company. Wishing them all many happy times ahead.

During feeding time this afternoon the gorgeous Sid arrived from his trainer's kennels. My what a stunner he is, he bounced through the gate, polished off 2 bowls of dinner and wagged his tail a lot!! He is a huge handsome brindle boy who seems very friendly.

We looked at Rory's paw after we had closed and Ruth dug a huge piece of grit out of his pad - no wonder the poor boy was limping! He was a very brave boy during the procedure and enjoyed his treats afterwards.

Another weekend is upon us and I sincerely hope the weather improves in time for the walk in Brueton Park on Sunday.

Have a great Bank Holiday one and all.

Angie xx

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by Wispa'sMum

Friday 25 May 12:35

Congratulations to Alan who won £60 on our Daybreaks Lottery!!!!

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 24 May 22:53

Brandy spent most of today in one of the runs. He was quite settled and watched all that was going on from a nice cosy bed. He had another session in the Magnotheraoy unit this morning, which seemed to help calm him. He was very quiet when we left him this afternoon. He does like to be around people. :)

In the run next to him was little Stella. She also had a comfy bed from which to watch the world go by. :)

Horsey walked really well on his walk today....we have decided our young work experience lad, Declan should take him home as Horse was happy to walk with him without stopping! :))

Thank you so much to everyone for their help with looking after our fabulous doggies today. Ellie once again showed us that you can't leave anything edible around not even for a second where she is concerned...twice she tried her luck with the lovely homemade cake Lucy had brought in :))


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by Wispa'sMum

Wednesday 23 May 16:17

What a warm day! My heart goes out to Brandy who is still quite stressed. In between spending time in the run and having the volunteers groom him, today he spent a period in the magnotherapy unit and it seemed to settle him but in his kennel he is quite stressed. We have tried to pair him with several kennel mates but it is not working..... we are desperate for a foster home for this very loving boy who just needs a bit of TLC and hopefully a sample of home life and assessment would help him find his forever home. If you think you could help.... please call us at the kennels.

Stella had a few lumps on her head so today I set to with a needle and cleared them! She is settling so well but unfortunately this morning there was blood on her bed = she has come into season agggghhhhhh!!!!! Her spey booked for Friday has therefore been transferred to Sky, one of the new arrivals from the weekend.

I took Sky to the vets today for her vaccination and she met a parrot in the waiting room as well as a small fluffy and she didn't react to either. She is adorable albeit a bit nervous so we are going to give her a couple more days to settle and then see how she reacts to the cats. She travelled well in the van and is very very clean in her kennel.

I have added some photos from yesterday from the Blythe Valley employee walk!

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by Wispa'sMum

Wednesday 23 May 09:38

We are getting so close to being able to complete the final section of our sand run! If you would like to make a donation - I am so grateful.... just log on to the link:

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by Wispa'sMum

Wednesday 23 May 09:32

Our Daybreaks Lottery sheet is nearly complete! We have just 9 numbers left before we do the draw - if you would like to be in with a chance of winning £60, please give us a call - you can pay over the phone by card or pop into the kennels.... as soon as the numbers are all taken, the draw will be done!

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 22 May 22:30

Ruth and Norman took Saddle, Roy, Susie, Rory, Biza and Nick to Blythe Valley Business Park today for lunchtime walks with some of the employees. I believe it was part of a keep fit at work exercise. It was a warm day so all came back rather hot and tired, including Ruth and Norman! All the dogs seemed to have enjoyed themselves, nice for them to have a change of scene.

As there were only a few dogs left to walk back at the kennels they had an extra long walk. Horsey seemed to enjoy the walk as it was a circular route and he didn't have to turn back to return to Daybreaks, bless him!

Brilliant news for Tony, now called Finlay. Once again a big thank you to his new family for failing miserably and joining the FFP club! :))

Lucy was back helping at the kennels after being poorly with Pneumonia, it was so good to have her and lovely Ellie back. Had forgotten what a food maniac Ellie is!! :)) Great to see Sara and Louis again today too.

Thanks so much to everyone for their help today.


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by LadyVictoria

Monday 21 May 22:44

We had lots of lovely helpers today :)) Thanks everyone.

Ruth and Shirley took for his neutering operation and Stella for her vaccination booster first thing this morning. Stella is a really lovely girl. :) Brandy was very lively on his return to the kennels and really enjoyed his dinner! :))

New girls Biza and Sky are very pretty, they are both getting used to their new surroundings. They were a little nervous of the heavy traffic on the Coventry Road when they went out for walks.

Lorna bathed a beautiful Golden Retriever this afternoon, very hairy compared to her usual Greyhound clients! :))

Many thanks to the visitors who came along to the kennels with donations of bedding today, very kind of you. x


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by Wispa'sMum

Sunday 20 May 17:30

Oh WOW!!!!! What a Day! I started at 7am to get the inmates out for a early morning toilet session... it stops the twins - Roy and Saddle toileting and then dancing in it! They had a great time in the sand run - such a joy to see them play and run so happily.... I absolutely adore 'my boys'.....

Winnie and Annie went off to their new homes and with the canine massage team teaching in the sand run this meant all the the kennel dogs alternated with both a massage session or a walk.

Elizabeth kindly took Saddle to the park for some training whilst Roy had a massage - he loved it!

It was a busy day with lots of nail trimming and a few corn removals and then we had the arrival of Sky and Biza - OMG - beautiful girls.....

My Foxy boy also had a session with the canine massage team and he is currently crashed out in the office bless him!!!!

I think my stack of paperwork to attack is going to remain on the floor until tomorrow......

I have had an absolutely fantastic day - when the kennels are so busy it is a wonderful feeling. Massive thanks to all the volunteers and our supporters.... you are all wonderful xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 19 May 23:58

So sorry for the delay in the diary update...fell asleep on the sofa and have been woken up by Fletcher's snoring! :))

A quiet morning, sure it was due to a wedding going on somewhere! However our two lovely Duke of Edinburgh lads were happy to come to the kennels to walk the dogs...they were certainly not intested in watching Harry and Megan walk down the aisle! :) Wouldn't it be great if we could get the Happy couple to adopt a Greyhound or two!!

Susie, Rory and my little Lyra went off to Melbicks to help with a roadshow for the morning with Jill, Paul, Sarah and Steve. It was Puppy Class day and I was told they all did really well with the many different breeds of dogs around. :) If you are interested in helping out at roadshows please give us a call at the kennels 0121 782 7702 for more information.

Fantastic news for Ashley! Thanks you so much to Myra and Alan for offering him a wonderful new home with them. We really must get those FFP t-shirts sorted or have an annual FFP Day!

We had a visit from Jack and his lovely family this morning. Jack had a good time in the run, but not so happy about having his nails trimmed. Xx He looked great and it was obvious how much he is loved. :)

We are expecting two new arrivals tomorrow. Sadly our waiting list grows ever longer, we have over SEVENTY Greyhounds now waiting to come into the kennels, please, please consider giving a home to one our beautiful boys and girls. Xx

Wishing Ruth a very happy Birthday for today and to Jess whose Birthdsy was earlier in the week. :)))


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by Shanesmum

Friday 18 May 17:39

What a nice day that was - cleaning and feeding was done in a trice thanks to Richard & Shirley and the early arrival of volunteers from HSBC.

Plenty of help meant morning and afternoon walks, as well as health checks, grooming and playing - our boys & girls were well and truly spoiled today!!

It was great to see the change in the lovely Stella since her arrival last week - she is a happy, friendly girl and I'm so happy she has been reserved already.

Seren spent the day in the office, what a treasure she is, she is such a pretty little girl and so good.

With so much help I was able to tackle the drains and gulleys in the kennel blocks. It is very satisfying to have a real good spring clean and leave everything fresh and smelling of relaxing lavender (yes, perhaps I am just a little bit strange, lol!!!).

Brandy & Petal seem to be getting on fine, although he is still a little stressed. Hopefully with time he will relax and realise all is well and he's in a safe place.

Was good to see Ruth this morning, although she is still in considerable pain - I finally persuaded her to go home this afternoon and try to rest, not easy when you're in pain, here's hoping she starts to feel much better soon.

Well yet another week has flown by, I really don't know where the time is going! There are viewings booked for the weekend, so keep your fingers crossed.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Angie xx

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by stevie,sarah,willow&Max'smum

Friday 18 May 07:29

I do hope that both Foxy and Ruth are feeling better soon. Thinking of you. xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 17 May 23:11

A busy day....with lots of help we made good time with feeding and cleaning. :) Even had time for tea (hot chocolate for me!) before walks!

Sue popped in with her gorgeous Deerhound Lizzie. Our first walkers were just returning to the kennels, so we took the opportunity to do a little meet and greet with Lizzie. She is such a calm and gentle girl, met all our residents one by one. They were all great with her with only Petal reacting. She was quite apprehensive, but with some help from Ruth was soon responding well. :))

Brandy has been quite stressed since his arrival with us. We have paired him up with Petal tonight to see if having the company of a pretty girl will help him. :)

A lovely couple came to meet the dogs this afternoon and fell in love with Stella. :) Such brilliant news for her! She is a tremendous little girl. :))

Sending big hugs to Foxy. We all know how it feels when our babies are not well. Xxx

Thanks to everyone who helped out today. Sara and Louis came in again :) Lyra sends her apologies for disembowelling Louis's new toy!!


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by PamD

Thursday 17 May 23:02

Poor Foxy and you Ruth
Lots of love

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by Thethirdronnie

Thursday 17 May 21:24

Ruth, so sorry to hear Foxy is unwell and pray that he receives all the care he needs to make a recovery. The same goes for you my love, you really must rest!
To Seren - you are loved and a new forever sofa will come soon. To your mom, I hope the cause of Daisy's aggression can be found and sorted.
To everyone who has lost their special furry friend recently, you gave them all the love in the world and they gave it back to you. You are the heroes of greyhound rescue along with all the staff and volunteers at Daybreaks. Xxx

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by jetlucy

Thursday 17 May 20:31

Hope foxy is ok, but couldn't be in better hands than with a mommy like you! Xxx

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by shanishoo

Thursday 17 May 12:36

Keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome for Foxy, it's heartbreaking when our babies are not well, hopefully a forever home will come along soon for Seren bless her xxx

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by Wispa'sMum

Thursday 17 May 09:09

I had a really busy day yesterday at the kennels with the Wednesday crew however I did manage to escape for a couple of hours to have a lovely treat lunch with Pam (Maisie and Monty's mum) and take Foxy to the vets. He is sadly struggling at the moment and he has had blood tests and I am taking a urine sample in later as Christian thinks he has kidney problems as well as his worsening back problems.... it is breaking my heart.

Also making me tearful was the return of Seren yesterday evening. I feel so sad for her family who are in a very difficult situation but I reassured them that Seren would not be staying in a kennel but at mine. She is such a beautiful girl - an absolute spitting image of Wispa my precious who I lost in 2015. I am appealing for a foster home or if possible a forever home desperately for her and if you think you could help, please give us a call at the kennels on 0121 782 7702.

I am slowly getting better but work beckons!!!! :-)

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by rubytwoshoes

Wednesday 16 May 21:16

Huge cuddle for the lovely Belle. I do hope she's

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by Wispa'sMum

Wednesday 16 May 06:36

Well yesterday afternoon we had a visit from Belle who was homed recently... unfortunately in a collapsed state in the back of the car!! She had been for a walk and started panting and become very lethargic. A cold towel was put over her and I took her temperature which was normal and after about half hour she was becoming a little more responsive and even ate some chicken! She was taken to the vets to be checked and we are hopeful she is doing well... I will keep you posted....

Just to allay fears with the advertisements of a post at Daybreaks, it is in addition to myself and Kate :-)

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by Wispa'sMum

Tuesday 15 May 13:53

This morning I took the twins into the run and I have been teaching Saddle the 'wait' command..... he is doing fantastic and it stops his circling. I also took Stella into the run - she is in the isolation kennel away from the Daybreaks greys due to a cough she has. This appears to just happen when she has a lead on or is held by her collar so we have a harness to prevent this. She is immaculately clean every morning and absolutely loves the run. I had feedback from the greyhound board that her previous owner was not able to be contacted..... anyhow - whatever has happened..... she is in safe hands now and we hope she can find a great home soon. She is off to the vets next week for the second part of her vaccination and then her spey is to be arranged.

I am attacking the paperwork pile from home today whilst I keep popping the pills and hope to be back to 100% very soon - thanks for all the messages I have been receiving x

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 14 May 23:04

It was a beautiful day again today. :)

Rosie took Nick and Sully off to the vets first thing for their neutering operations. They were both quite wobbly when they returned late this afternoon, but it didn't stop them from enjoying their evening meal. :) I had to help Sully get onto his bed; but he looked quite comfy when I checked on him before going home. Xx

As we didn't have enough Volunteers to walk the dogs this this morning, Yvonne and I took them all in the run whilst Clive gave everyone a lovely groom. They all loved the extra attention especially Molly, Saddle and Roy. I'm sure they would have stayed with Clive all day! :)

Ashley came in to visit us with Alan and Myra this afternoon. It's great to hear he is doing so well now. :)) We are so grateful to them for all the help, time and patience they are giving to him. x

Thanks to Yvonne, Adam, Alan and Myra for taking the lads and lasses for walks this afternoon. :))


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by Lewisfuggie

Sunday 13 May 17:22

Well today was very mixed.... I was greated with happy waggy tails by Rory and Susie who were so happy.

Andy and myself cleaned kennels slightly earlier than normal, leaving Ruth to her much needed rest... She is in so much pain.... This meant we were half done by the time our younger volunteers arrived...

All dogs enjoyed morning walkies, with Susie taking up her normal position of legs in the air, on her back in the run.. She is so comical...

Then the day went quite quiet for a while, with only a few people using the run, buying food etc... Which meant we could give all the boys and girls some grooming..

The afternoon saw the unexpected homing of Petal Bloom, she was so happy to go home...
Then it was Noodle turn... Aka Nancy who's human parents decided to pick her up early... Yay... Two girls now happily in forever homes....

The afternoon also saw Saddle go off to the park for some more training... Thanks Elizabeth x

Thanks to everyone's help today.... We all hope Ruth gets well soon. X

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 12 May 23:19

It was great to see Sara and Louis today :)) Sara did look well! She was finally able to see the bench she bought in memory of her lovely lad Charlie. I know she is so grateful to everyone who made a donation towards it. :))

Laura brought her lovely Labrador, Arlo in again today. This time he met Nick and Rory. They were both great with him. :)

Stella is a very sweet girl. A little bewildered at the moment but she ate her breakfast and dinner and Andy gave her a bath this afternoon.

Angies painting job looks great! A coat of white paint certainly brightens things up! :)

Lovely to see Jo and Willow today. It seemed strange to see Jo with only one Greyhound on her arm! :))) We also had a visit from Gorgeous Sandy, who is now called Isla. She looked great!

Thank you so much to everyone for all your help today. Sending big hugs to Ruth and to Lucy tonight, hoping they both feel better soon. Xxx

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by mary/john

Saturday 12 May 16:47

Hi all we popped in today and met Sara who was looking so well and refreshed from her hospital stay..We had a good play with Kates greys and Lyra loved playing with the tennis ball... Soe beuatiful greys in the kennels at the moment looking for that elisive forever

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by Wispa'sMum

Friday 11 May 22:18

I started this morning with a loving head butt from Sully! He is such a happy boy boy but I saw stars and if you see me with a black eye... I haven’t been fighting!!! A blitz of the kennels out the back which usually holds all our bedding etc meant we could accommodate little Stella and grateful thanks to Angie wielding the paint roller. Earlier she had sloshed some disinfectant down her cleavage so she has been having fun!!!!
I’ve been feeling particularly rotten this week and tonight I’ve been diagnosed with shingles so I will be keeping a low profile until I’m a bit better:-(((

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by Shanesmum

Friday 11 May 18:02

Another quiet Friday at Daybreaks! No volunteers meant no walkies again today, but this, together with some much cooler weather, meant the boys and girls could have a romp around in the sand run!

Some, especially the new boys, just appreciated the chance to mooch around off lead and have a good old sniff at everything. Others took great delight in racing around like loons, playing with the toys and having a high old time. My current favourites Rory and Susie had such fun playing together, but were as good as gold when called when play time was over. It was so funny to see Rory trying to stay awake back in his kennel, his head kept nodding! Bless him he is such a character and the delightful Susie is so sweet -although she does like to sleep squashed up against the kennel door with her back legs in the air and her front legs thrust underneath the bars!!

We had a viewing this morning which resulted in the cute little Winny being reserved. Ruby Rebel paid us a visit this morning too, his Mum says he has settled so well and is being just perfect - he looks great.

Huge thanks to Jess for taking "the boys" (Roy & Saddle) out to the park this morning as part of their ongoing socialisation training. They also enjoyed a play in the sand run this afternoon - but we still can't wear them out!!

We have been blitzing out the back again, and I have been wielding a paint roller on the walls!! Not such a good idea as I think there is more paint on me and my t-shirt than on the walls!! You see - you need to be very flexible to work at Daybreaks!!!

This afternoon saw the arrival of sweet little Stella, who was picked up as a stray. She was understandably a little stressed on arrival but tucked into her supper of Burns and sardines and polished it all off.

Many thanks for the very kind donation of tinned fish received today, our boys and girls will certainly enjoy those in the weeks to come.

I just cant believe how quickly the time is flying by - another weekend is upon us so lets keep fingers crossed that some more of our lovely boys and girls will soon be on their very own forever sofas.

I think a glass of wine is called for now! Enjoy your weekend one and all.

Angie xx

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by Wispa'sMum

Friday 11 May 16:30

There is a vacancy for Assistant Manager at Daybreaks Kennels

We are looking for a friendly person to join our team.
The position, which can be physically and emotionally challenging, is for 3 days a week on a variable rota which would include weekends and bank holidays.

Applicants must be able to drive, be involved with basic training and management of students and able to assist our volunteers with special needs.
A good knowledge of greyhounds and their needs is preferable.

For more information please contact
Ruth on 077606 17287

To be considered for this position, please forward your CV for the attention of Pam Dewar c/o Daybreaks Kennels by 25th May 2018

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by Wispa'sMum

Friday 11 May 16:18

I have created Daybreaks Daily Diary as a dog so please don't think you can adopt this one! The photo is of Tara, my first greyhound when she was at the Dogs Home. The date of birth is actually the date we opened Daybreaks :-)
This means we can add comments as well as photos - I hope you think this is a good idea!!!!

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