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14 jul 2003
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IE Ireland
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IE Ireland
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male, 17 years old, Black

Added by Emma-Rae

Updated: Wednesday 01 Jan

Blinky is a real sweetie..... quiet in the kennel and very gentle. He looks at you with his big brown eyes and you melt!

Blinkey has had 0 cuddles today (2 all together).
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by nutellajar

Tuesday 27 Mar 19:23

just luv the last picture! its like wen u say cheese but u no they r not going to say it, and then he did! just luv it. made me cry with laughter xxxx

by George&Gypsy

Wednesday 02 Sep 14:15

Hello again, can't believe we've had George for 6 months now and he's just celebrated his 6th Birthday, bless!
He's completely settled now and even more cuddly and funny than ever. He and Gypsy have started to have a mad half hour together, usually about nine o'clock at night when they both bolt around the house like maniacs, tails wagging furiously, tongues hanging out and usually flicking toys and slobber in the air. How did we ever live without them, they've both made our house even more of a home and all our family and friends adore them too.

by kallie

Thursday 19 Feb 18:25

this photo is a corker, i just love his big cheesy grin. well done Gorgeous George, way to go!!!! love Rossi and Toby ( oh Yeah and their mum Ina xxx)

by DaybreaksRuth

Monday 16 Feb 09:20

So glad gorgeous George is doing so well! If you email a photo to me I can add it for you :-)

by George&Gypsy

Sunday 15 Feb 19:51

Well we've had George for 2 weeks now and I honestly can't remember what life was like without him. He came home with us and just fitted in to our routine, making no fuss at all about being fed and pampered like a king. He and Gypsy are the best of pals, haven't had any tiffs so far instead their constantly cuddled up on their sofa together, usually on their back with legs in the air. George is hilarious, such a character, he likes to sleep upside down with his head hanging over the sofa, tongue hanging out and baring all his teeth, he just looks like he's got the biggest smile on his face.
But even though they get on so well together, their both still eager for cuddles with us too, which is great.
The scar on his face is hardly recognisable now as the furis growing over it and he's looking more hansome by the day. When I fathom out how to put a picture on this page, I will, then anyone can see why I call him my Gorgeous George.

by DaybreaksRuth

Sunday 01 Feb 18:34

Blinkey (now called George) was homed today and is going to make a perfect friend for Gypsy who was homed from Monmore RGT a few months ago. When we introduced the two, George and Gypsy snuggled up with each other on the sofa in the run with their heads on each other - match made in heaven!