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Christmas at Daybreaks

Monday 25 Dec 2017

by Wispa'sMum

Updated: Thursday 14 Dec

Daybreaks Kennels will be closed Christmas week - from the 25th December 2017 - 1st January 2018.   We have now been pledged foster homes for all our Daybreaks hounds to go to over the Christmas week however I will be on site in case of emergencies.

Therefore, if you normally buy your food from the kennels, please stock up!    


We have our 'Tree of Memory' so if you would like to put one of our memory ornaments on and of course we have our Calendars and Christmas cards on sale.... proceeds of these all go to Daybreaks Trust which pays for the Help for Hounds scheme.

Thank you so much 



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by mary/john

Saturday 23 Dec 14:51

Wishing all the foster parents all the best over the Christmas period and who knows maybe adopting afterwards...

We will be at Sutton Walk on 30th December good to see as many volunteers and foster families as possible... Mary/John x

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by stevensue1

Friday 22 Dec 20:31

We are at Pets at Home Stratford tomorrow Sat 23rd Dec for the Santa Paws drive from 10am- 2pm. We will be in Store with our wonderful Greys in all their festive gear !!
Please pop along and see us all proceeds to our wonderful Greys . Once again many many thanks to Pets at home for all their support this year .

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by PamD

Friday 22 Dec 16:30

Good luck with Mary !!
Maisie had a liking for wooden bits of our furniture, so glad we didn’t give up with her.
She’s still a puppy now at 7 and a half but not quite as bad!!
We wouldn’t swap her for the world

Good luck with your fostering xx

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by Wispa'sMum

Thursday 21 Dec 16:00

Please don't forget Daybreaks is closed from Christmas Day, 25th December 2017 and re-open on 1st January 2018

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by Wispa'sMum

Thursday 21 Dec 15:22

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Mary has left the building :-)))))))
Bless her - she is a bundle of fun and keeps us on our toes.... she has eaten the Christmas lights, baubles, her coat, her bedding and shredded her toys in the past! Today I popped her in the kitchen with Star for a short while and she ate parts of the kitchen chair!!!! I have warned the fabulous family who have taken her on foster this afternoon that she is just a puppy...... She needs home life, not a kennel, to explore and enjoy. Good luck Mary - see you on the 1st and hopefully not before! xxxxx ;-))))

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by shanishoo

Thursday 21 Dec 07:35

Very funny you should say that, my husband and I were just saying only yesterday, how many of the hounds will just not ever come back to Daybreaks!!!!. I hope all of them.
Also just want to wish all the staff, volunteers and all the doggies a wonderful Christmas and a very happy 2018. Enjoy your break, you so deserve it xxxxxx

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by stevie,sarah,willow&Max'smum

Wednesday 20 Dec 21:00

I think this is a fantastic idea that all the Daybreaks hounds are going to foster homes for Christmas. Maybe it's just me, or is there a cunning plan behind this? I am in no way thinking this is suspicious or a trick, but I am just wondering how many blue signs will turn to red and in turn to green, how many people will join the FFP club we need new members, just saying!!!. Good plan me thinks, should have tried it ages ago!!! Lol. Xxxxxx

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by helenanddave

Thursday 14 Dec 18:48

Meant to pick ours up yesterday and forgot! Could you put one of the £6 ones on one side for us please. xx

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by Wispa'sMum

Thursday 14 Dec 13:48

We have our lovely calendars and Christmas cards available.... please support Daybreaks x

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by Wispa'sMum

Thursday 14 Dec 12:36

Our tree of memory looks so beautiful..... please come along and pop a memory on our tree - your donation will help us to continue the work we do at Daybreaks xxx

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