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Daybreaks 12th Birthday!

Sunday 01 Jul 2018

by DaybreaksRuth

Updated: Saturday 30 Jun

Daybreaks is celebrating its 12th Birthday on Sunday 1st July from 11am - 3pm.  

You are invited to our party and hope you can keep the date free. 

Tickets for our fabulous raffle are available and the draw will take place at 4pm with a chance to win a holiday, a bottle of champagne and a chance to appear in the Daybreaks 2019 calendar with photo shoot by Hartstone Photography as well as 2 fabulous hampers. 

We will have our garden party and if you want to bring gifts... tins of tuna, pikchards or sardines are just perfect! 

Parking Is available at the BIRMINGHAM EXCILES RUGBY CLUB AND ADNANS RESTAURANT - both on Old Damson Lane. Please do not park at the Gsbles unless you want a ticket!


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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Monday 02 Jul 19:36

Amazing amount. Thank you everyone for your fantastic support. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks again. Xx

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by DaybreaksRuth

Monday 02 Jul 18:24

I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped or came and supported our 12th Birthday celebrations. It is strange to think that my life changed incredibly as I packed in my job as a Medical Secretary on the 30th June and opened the gates of Daybreaks on the 1st of July - 12 years have flown and it has had its very high moments as well as some very low times - but I am so pleased I took the gamble to start it all!

We raised almost £1900!!!!!!!! Congratulations to our raffle winners especially Gaynor who called me today to check she really had won a holiday! Massive thanks to Jane and Joe who donated this fabulous prize to help us raise much needed funds and also to Vince Hart who is going to do the photo shoot for the 2nd prize winner for the calendar.

Foxy had a great day too walking around the garden and greeting everyone and his stomach isn't too upset today despite the amount of cake he was given or helped himself too! I am so grateful to everyone who is part of our fabulous team who made it all happen.... Tara (Daybreaks Beauty) my first grey who inspired me to start the kennels certainly was looking down and we were blessed with amazing weather xxxx

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by willerby

Monday 02 Jul 16:23

Had a lovely couple of hours Sunday it was lovely to see everyone i even won the star prize on the spin the wheel of which my daughter claimed straight away lol, i fell in love with Maggie what a beautiful happy girl she is i'm so glad she had already been reserved and whoever adopts her will have a happy and very loving time with her i'm sure, see you wednesday for teeth and nails for Jess not me that is lol xx

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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Monday 02 Jul 15:40

Would just like to echo the comments by Shanesmum and Lady Victoria after yesterday's fantastic 12th birthday celebrations. Thank you Simon and Jan, it was a baptism of fire, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!, and thanks for completing the security bars in the run. I would also like to thank you all for your lovely support and coments for me with joining Daybreaks, it really meant a lot. Lovely to see Skip (the first and only dog I have bathed, sure that will soon change), and his lovely owners, sorry that he pinched Clives scone, but they promptly replced it so Clive did get another one!!! I hope that we raised a terrific amount for the hounds. Not forgetting the Daybreaks volunteers, many thanks for all your help, you are invaluable. Jo. X

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by Shanesmum

Monday 02 Jul 07:33

Well we had a lovely party yesterday.

It was great to catch up with so many of our ex residents and their families and hear how well everyone was doing.

It was an extra special day for beautiful Annie as she found herself reserved - well done.

Thanks to everyone who came along, it was a warm one indeed, but the shady garden and cold drinks were very welcome.

Our boys & girls send big woofs too to say thank you for your support.

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by Simon,Jan,Jet&Amber

Sunday 01 Jul 23:08

Just to say thanks to all the team at Daybreaks for all your hard work today, it was a great event!!
Hopefully a financial success and great news about Annie being reserved!
Welcome to the team Jo, you have had a baptism of fire this weekend, but it does quieten down slightly!!

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by LadyVictoria

Sunday 01 Jul 22:49

What a lovely day! It was fabulous to see so many of our friends and their Greyhounds at Daybreaks 12th Birthday Party today. Thanks so much for coming and helping us celebrate! :))

Thank you to everyone who donated tins of fish for our residents. :)))

The cakes were great and I won several prizes on Jill's game, Lyra has played with the toys first and only let Skip and Fletch play with them when she got bored!!

My Mom managed to win the Luxury Doggy Hamper in the raffle; She was so pleased; this is the best prize she has ever won. Her only other wins in a raffle being a jar of jam and a box of chocolates! :) She may not have a dog of her own but there five Greyhounds in the family who are very happy tonight! :)))

Best news of all is Annie has been reserved! :)))


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by Alan&Paddy

Sunday 01 Jul 19:16

The party today was brilliant, think we all managed not to melt in the heat by having tea and cakes and being entertained by Gracie Fields as we shipped our tea in China cups. It was nice to see friends old and new. A very enjoyable afternoon,hope lots of funds were raised too. Big thank you to the organisers Axx

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by helenanddave

Sunday 01 Jul 19:11

So sorry we couldn't make it this year. Hope everyone had a great day in the lovely weather. Happy Birthday Daybreaks! Xx

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by shanishoo

Saturday 30 Jun 19:50

We are really sorry that we can't make the party tomorrow. We were all set to attend with 3 friends in tow, but as we live over an hour away, even in an air conditioned car I don't think it's fair on the boys to put them through the journey in this heat. We hope you all have a fantastic day and raise lots of money for these wonderful hounds. Love - Shani, Ken, Dexter & Jack xxxxxxx

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by DaybreaksRuth

Saturday 30 Jun 19:16

We have literally spent the whole day setting up for tomorrow’s celebrations and we hope you can join us. Thank you so much to Eddie King for doing a live radio broadcast from Daybreaks this morning. A big welcome to Jo who joined our team today as Assistant Manager to work alongside myself, Kate and all the volunteers x

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 28 Jun 22:33

Melysa, will really miss seeing you Charlie Mouse and Star at the party Sunday. Thanks so much for all your support at our open days and events over the last few years, you are always such a happy, bubbly person and I hope some day in the future you can give a lovely life to a another lucky Greyhound. Kate, Skip, Fletch and Lyra. Xxx

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by Melysa

Thursday 28 Jun 13:39

I am so sad to be missing this - I haven't missed one since having Charlie Mouse - he used to love these days (and Star last year).
Have a wonderful day, I will be thinking of you all x

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by doggiemom

Thursday 28 Jun 09:45

I think its going to be very hot, hope you all have a lovely day and hope to see you not sure if Ollie will come he likes his pack so might stay at home with hooman brother and pack mates.XX

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by Shanesmum

Monday 25 Jun 21:46

Can't believe it's almost party time! Let's hope the weather stays warm and sunny so we can have a great garden party.

I'll be manning a second hand book stall with some great books & jigsaws on offer - have a browse for some bargains to pop in your bag for your holiday reading and relaxation.

Looking forward to seeing lots of friends, old & new, 2 legged and 4!


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by DaybreaksRuth

Thursday 03 May 16:58

Please pop the date in your diary - we hope you can come along and help us celebrate 12 successful years of re-homing x

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