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Let the stars shine - Remembrance Evening

Saturday 15 Sep 2018

by Wispa'sMum

Updated: Saturday 15 Sep

We are having an evening of remembrance and celebration for all our loved but lost ones that have gone to Rainbow Bridge.

For all those attending you will have a candle in a special holder for you to light and whilst we tuck into baked potatos under lantern lit gazebos I am sure we can share stories of happy times.

Your donation of £5 will include a jacket potato, your candle and glass paw print candle holder and all profits will go towards Daybreaks Trust which raises money to directly help the improvements at Daybreaks Kennels, making the stay for those lucky enough to come to us for rehoming as fabulous as possible.  The evening will be from 7pm til 9pm and parking will be at the Birmingham Exiles Rugby Club where you can walk directly through into the sand run.   

Additional candles and glass holders can be purchased for just £2.50 and if you can't come along but would like us to light a candle in memory then we are more than happy to do so.  

If you would like to come along please book (for catering purposes) or if you can't but would still like to support our event please call the kennels on 0121 782 7702.

Rather than using Paypal, please use: and put a note as to whether is is a ticket for the event or lighting a candle in memory. xxx
If you are unable to visit the kennels please use: and put a note as to whether is is a ticket for the event or lighting a candle in memory. xxx


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by LadyVictoria

Sunday 16 Sep 20:56

Last night was a special way to remember our beloved friends who are waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge. Xx It was lovely to see all the lighted candles. Moe's Mom came to the kennels by bus and brought him with her. :) Seeing him so very happy and excited to meet everyone was a real joy to see and reminded me that although we will never cease to love and miss those we have lost, there will always be another boy or girl who needs our love. Xxx

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by shanishoo

Sunday 16 Sep 16:02

Loveheart, you always either make me laugh or make me cry, you always manage to say just the right thing, we couldn't be there last night but we had candles lit for our 3 babies that are no longer with us, it's nice to hear that the event was a success, what a wonderful way to remember xxxxxx

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by loveheart

Sunday 16 Sep 12:35

What a beautiful evening "Let the Stars Shine " was. A true celebration of all the love these Greys bring into so many lives. It was lovely to see the hounds greeting each other so happy and waggy tails, and lots of kisses. It was also heartwarming to see so many people with 2/3 and even 4 of these precious dogs, who over all give so much to us owners in exchange for only a loving forever home. Even my husband told me this morning he was quite emotional as we all stood by our lighted candles and remembered our lost "babies" and I felt as I am sure all of those who attended did that they where all there with us lighting up the sky with love. Thank you Ruth and your lovely man Andy and all the people who helped make this a wonderful night. You Rock!

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by Alan&Paddy

Saturday 15 Sep 22:31

The stars certainly did shine very bright for all our lost babies. It was a lovely evening with lovely company both 2 and 4 legged. Thanks to all the organisers for making this such a greyt event. The jacket potatoes were lovely and it was so nice to see Roy and Saddle looking so well and to catch up on how Sonny (Sully) was getting on made it for me, I'm so happy to know he so loved by his family xxx

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by Wispa'sMum

Tuesday 14 Aug 11:03

Please log onto:

and put a note as to whether is is a ticket for the event or lighting a candle in memory. xxx

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by riasdad

Tuesday 14 Aug 01:17

I would have loved to come, but i am at work from 8 AM -8 PM in Worcester. It will be over before i could get there!

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by Wispa'sMum

Monday 13 Aug 22:49

We can still light candles on your behalf.... xxx

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by skinnyme

Monday 13 Aug 22:47

I would have loved to come to remember our 9 angels, sadly we can't come as it's our wedding anniversary, gutted. Xxx

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by Wispa'sMum

Monday 13 Aug 22:43

Dogs are welcome of course!

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