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Sheldon Country Park Walk

Sunday 03 Feb 2019

by Lewisfuggie

Updated: Saturday 02 Feb

Meet from 10.45 for 11.00 start at the Car Park on Ragley Drive. 

(If you are able to take a kennel dog on the walk, please contact the kennels on 0121 782 7702 a week prior to the event. All kennel dogs MUST wear a muzzle at all times.) 

We are hoping that as many friends of Greyhound Trust Solihull and Daybreaks Kennels as possible will be able to join us for this event to promote awareness of Greyhounds as Pets.

The walk will start at the Car Park on Ragley Drive and will be around the park to the Airport runway and back again. 

The walk should be of approx 90 mins. The walk will be mainly on paths. 

efreshments are available from the Farm Cafe just by the Car Park, BUT please aware, dogs are not allowed on the Farm site so will need to be left with someone whilst you go to the cafe.

Everyone welcome whether you have a dog or not. All breeds are also welcome. ALL dogs must be kept on the lead whilst on the organised walk. Thank You.

Please also bring your muzzle with you, if you have a dog that gets excited by small dogs etc. Thanks. 

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by bluesfan

Sunday 03 Feb 17:04

Thank you for organising the walk today. We had a lovely walk in the sunshine and Rosie enjoyed meeting new friends!! x

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by Liz_beth

Sunday 03 Feb 13:39

Thank you to everyone who came today. It was a great to see so many hounds out advertising the breed. It was a super turn out and we certainly got noticed! X

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by Liz_beth

Wednesday 30 Jan 20:29

This walk is coming up again this weekend. Weather is looking cold but bright. Would be great to see lots of hounds and their humans out showing off what fabulous pets they are! Hope to see you there :-)

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by LM

Monday 10 Dec 18:54

Yes it's true. There was a pig with a harness on being taken for a walk. The dogs' faces were a picture! No drink involved, honestly!

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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Sunday 09 Dec 21:13

Hi Alan and Pam, I heard about the pig from Richard and Shirley, did ask what they had been drinking!!!! But apparently it has been confirmed it was true! That's a new one if ever there was one. Lol. X

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by Alan&Paddy

Sunday 09 Dec 20:57

Thank you to the organisers of the walk today. We had a lovely walk round the park. Hopefully we will do this again some time as we don't have many regular walks for Daybreaks. Still smiling seeing a couple walking a pet pig on the way round :-) xx

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by LM

Sunday 09 Dec 20:39

Had a lovely walk today. Skip has been exhausted since we got home. x

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by Liz_beth

Sunday 09 Dec 13:23

Thanks to everyone who came today. It was great to see so many hounds and their humans. See you next time xx

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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Saturday 08 Dec 17:59

Sorry to miss this walk as it is so local to me, however, I will be working at the kennels tomorrow, so who knows what will happen. We may get some reservations or homings, I do hope so, I do believe we may have 2 new dogs coming in tomorrow or Monday. x

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by LM

Saturday 08 Dec 12:43

Yes! A shower cap is a greyt idea. I have a fetching green one. Can decorate with tinsel! Still hoping for dry weather. So much better all round to walk in and Skip wants to show off his new coat he won on the auction at Daybreaks last week - rather than his rain one. Hope to see lots of you tomorrow. x

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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Friday 07 Dec 22:16

Oh could be very fetching, could decorate shower cap accordingly!

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by NMD07

Friday 07 Dec 21:55

Shower cap ,LM ? Xxx

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by LM

Friday 07 Dec 19:20

I'm so hoping the weather is good. Poor Skip needs a good walk. First chance after his surgery but we'd have to re-think if it rains as he's still got staples behind his ear and I don't think he'd like being wrapped in cling film! x

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by Liz_beth

Monday 03 Dec 16:59

Hoping to see lots of greys and their humans on Sunday for the Sheldon Country Park walk. I've ordered much better weather this time so hopefully we'll stay dry! If you would like to bring a kennel dog, please give Daybreaks a call xx

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