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** Daybreaks Online Pet Show **

Saturday 19 Dec 2020

by Lewisfuggie

Updated: Thursday 19 Nov

Show starts Saturday 19th December 2020 at midday and finishes on Saturday 2nd January 2021 at midday

**Results may not be posted for all classes until Sunday 3rd January**

** Classes are listed at bottom **   Please state which class you are entering please.


£1 for 1 entry  /  £5 for 6 entries  / £10 for 14 entries / £25 for unlimited entries (for one owner to submit their own entries)

**Paypal details will be posted nearer the time. Payment is required for your entry to be judged as this is to raise money for charity.Proof of payment may be requested.**

**Rosette/prize winners will be required to cover the cost of P&P to obtain their rosette(s)/prize**

**Name of animal is required and breed/type/age would be helpful to the judges**

**Dogs do not need to be stacked**

**No collages except for best rescue categories when a maximum of a 4-photograph collage may be submitted**

**No videos**

**Unbeaten rule does not apply anywhere in the show**

**No watermarked photos permitted. Written permission must be obtained from the photographer if a professional photo is to be used. It will be the animal which is judged and not the professionalism of the photo.**

**Judges decision is final. **

**This is a fun show to raise money for Daybreaks Trust.**



1. Prettiest girl
2. Handsome boy
3. Best black girl or boy
4. Best other colour/multi-colour girl or boy
5. Best veteran 7+
6. Best rehomed from Daybreaks
7. Best rehomed from elsewhere
GREYHOUND BEST IN SHOW                                                                                                                                       
1. Prettiest girl
2. Handsome boy
3. Best solid colour girl or boy
4. Best multi-colour girl or boy
5. Best veteran 7+
SIGHTHOUNDS/LURCHERS (OTHER THAN GREYHOUNDS) BEST IN SHOW                                                                      
1. Prettiest girl
2. Handsome boy
3. Best solid colour girl or boy
4. Best multi-colour girl or boy
5. Best veteran 7+
ALL OTHER BREEDS OF DOG BEST IN SHOW                                                                                                                    
1. Best roach
2. Best derp
3. Best gummy smile
4. Funniest face
5. Best bed fail
6. Fancy dress – Christmas
NOVELTY GREYHOUNDS/SIGHTHOUNDS/LURCHERS BEST IN SHOW                                                                             
Does your rodent roach? Does your goat have great gnashers? Does your guinea pig gurn?
Then this class is for you!                                                                                                                                           
1. Roach like a greyhound
2. Funniest face
3. Cutest
4. Cats
5. Horses
6. Farm animals
7. Fancy dress – Christmas
ALL OTHER PET AND FARM ANIMALS INCLUDING HORSES BEST IN SHOW                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
**ALL BEST IN SHOW GO THROUGH TO SUPREME CHAMPION**                                                                            
**Rosettes 1st to 3rd, for best in show and for Supreme Champion. Also, prize for Supreme Champion. **


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by jetlucy

Monday 23 Nov 21:22

Thanks Lynn! I can do email or WhatsApp so phew! Getting some photos of jet ready! Can we have a category of most cat/child friendly please, as jet may stand a chance of winning one then lol! Xxx

5 others liked this

by LM

Friday 20 Nov 22:16

We want everyone to be able to take part so you will be able to enter if you don't have Facebook. There will be leaflets at kennels soon and we'll post information on here nearer the time. You will need to be able to send your photos by email or WhatsApp.

6 others liked this

by jetlucy

Thursday 19 Nov 20:59

Oo I'm loving the look of this! Now me not been technical, how do we enter, is it all on Facebook as I'm not on it? Xxx

5 others liked this

by Lewisfuggie

Thursday 19 Nov 14:32

Rules and classes

1 others liked this