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Blood Bank are coming!

Tuesday 07 Feb 2017

by Wispa'sMum

Updated: Wednesday 18 Jan

The Pet Blood Bank are visiting Daybreaks Kennels again as they are desperate for donations of blood from our canine friends. If you are able to bring your greyhound along, please give Zoe Hayward a call at the Blood Bank on 01509 232222 to book your appointment at Daybreaks.

Your grey must be over 25kg in weight and less than 8 years in age. It takes approximately 20 minutes for them to give blood and they have a full vet test and blood screen prior to donating. Those who have been brave go away with a goodie bag!

If you are able to come along and help another furry friend, please get in touch.

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 07 Feb 22:37

Bo was a successful blood donor today! :)) Xxx

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by Simon,Jan,Bo&Amber

Monday 06 Feb 12:30

Bo is coming at 11.30 to donate for the first time, hopefully he will be very brave but Amber will be there to make sure the lovely Blood Bank team will look after him xxx

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by Wispa'sMum

Wednesday 18 Jan 10:29

The Blood Bank are desperate for donors so if you are free on Tuesday 7th February, please give them a call x

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by Wispa'sMum

Wednesday 03 Aug 11:05

I have been informed that the blood donated from the greys at Daybreaks last week has already gone out and is being used to save other dogs lives.

They are desperate for donors and are coming along to the kennels on Tuesday next week. If you can help, please give Zoe a call on the number above. Many thanks

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by Wispa'sMum

Tuesday 21 Jan 15:21

The Blood Bank are desperate for donors and are at Your Vets in Olton this Thursday 23rd January. If you are able to go along with your grey, please give the Blood Bank a call on 01509 232222. Your grey must be over 25kg in weight and less than 8 years in age. It takes approximately 20 minutes for them to give blood and they have a full vet test and blood screen prior to donating.

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 27 Aug 21:11

Thank you to everyone who brought their dogs along to give blood today. It was lovely to see so many very happy hounds and of course cuddle as many as possible! Xxx

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by Wispa'sMum

Monday 19 Aug 16:07

If you can't help for this session - the next one will be on 26th November 2013.

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by medaftboutdogs

Monday 20 Aug 09:47

Aha! Got Blossy a pm spot - whew! She hasn't donated for a while so Im pleased we can help, which also means I will be bringing Red in to see everyone. See ya tom. luv t

by medaftboutdogs

Friday 17 Aug 21:10

Arghhhh I can only come in the afternoon! Blossom is due to donate again - Anyway on another but similar note, PPB were on Animal Rescue 24-7 this morning on BBC1, tee hee I recognised the staff!!!

by crackercharlieX

Friday 17 Aug 20:58

Hi Norris's new owners/ tripletsmom. Just thought I'd let u know that to b a blood doner ur dog has to be over 25kg n under 9 I think! So I'm not sure if he's eligible but u could still check cus that's y mine don't give blood n plus Charlie wouldn't keep still anyway lol. Ps hope all goes well with Norris. X

by tripletmum

Friday 17 Aug 18:19

Hi this is triplet mum, I can bring "crazy" joey along on tuesday morning to the blood bank if that would help

by Tash'ntheGreys

Friday 17 Aug 09:34

Booked! :-)

1 others liked this

by Wispa'sMum

Friday 17 Aug 06:58

The Blood Bank are desperate for 5 more donors for Tuesday morning (21st August) - if you are able to help, please give Sam a call at the Blood Bank (details above) or contact me (Ruth) at the kennels on 0121 782 7702. Many thanks

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by skinnyme

Tuesday 21 Feb 18:29

Rocky and Shauna have now officially retired from giving blood as they will be 9 in April, both gave 6 times in all. Have booked Pippa in for the next one, hope she keeps still!

by karenb

Tuesday 21 Feb 16:00

Hope Lola and Lena are feeling better soon hugs to both of the girls from Boogie & Fletcher x x

by LindaPaul

Tuesday 21 Feb 11:12

Gutted i had to cancel Lena's appointment for today. She is on 3 legs and we rested her hoping it would be a tweak that would pass but it was not to be and we ended up at vets yesterday with limpin' Lena and Lola who has broken a tip off a canine tooth. Lena is on anti inflammatories so that is that. Next time hopefully ...and we may be able to bring them both xxx

by emma_wilson

Monday 20 Feb 13:29

I am gutted that I only just noticed this on the events as its such a necessary cause but I can't get time off work this short notice but I have rang the number and they're going to give mr plenty of notice of the next time they come out to daybreaks so Ben can donate,and also ring me about other places they are going to for donations on weekends which is so kind of them,I do hope we can help

by LindaPaul

Friday 10 Feb 16:01

Spurred on by the news of poor Boogie I have booked Lena in. It will be her first time - yipes! Would have booked Lola in too but Tues 21st is her Pets As Therapy visit day and the residents at the home love seeing her so will have to try another time with her. xxx

by Wispa'sMum

Friday 10 Feb 14:25

The Blood Bank are desperate for more donors! If you are available to come along, please give Sam a call on the number above.
Many thanks.

by medaftboutdogs

Sunday 13 Nov 21:27

I got Blossom booked in, whew, not many spots left. See you all on Tues. luv t

by Emma

Wednesday 09 Nov 12:35

Feel terrible, had to cancel our appointment because Kev can't donate as he's recovering from having his leg sewn back on (ok maybe that's an exaggeration), Moo can't donate because she's on anti-biotics for a urine infection, and anybody who knows Sadie will know why she can't (won't!) donate - such a drama queen! If you are able to attend, please do as the greys usually don't even notice it's happening (they get to have nice lie down with some lovely veterinary nurses stroking them, followed by some tasty treats) and it's so rewarding to know that they are potentially saving the lives of 4 other dogs.

by Wispa'sMum

Wednesday 09 Nov 08:10

The Blood Bank have contacted me to say there are still a few spaces available.... please give Sam a call at the Blood Bank on the above number if you are able to come along.

by Emma

Tuesday 31 May 20:29

Hi Kate, Moo is feeling much better today thanks, I think she is secretly rather enjoying the extra TLC she is getting! Em x

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 31 May 13:14

I do hope Moomin is feeling better today. xx

by Emma

Monday 30 May 12:06

Poor Moomin is a poorly girl and so I've just had to cancel her appointment to give blood tomorrow. If anybody wants her slot, it's at 3pm, so give the Pet Blood Bank a call (they are in today) on 01509 232222 and they can allocate you Moo's place. Failing that, Sadie said she'll try again to give blood but she won't be at all happy about it and will loudly make everyone aware of that fact!

by Liddy

Wednesday 18 May 13:06

I've booked Lyonell, Carraig and Dill in for the next session in June. It's their first time so should be fun ;-) Liz

by kallie

Friday 13 May 08:47

will need to check with Sam if any of mine can donate again, it's not been that long however Rossi should be fine this time as he was unable to give last time. :-) ...just rang...they are full!!! booked in for end of June now instead :-) xxx

by Tash'ntheGreys

Friday 13 May 07:35

Buddy, Jack and Penny are booked in, the lucky hounds!

by Wispa'sMum

Friday 13 May 05:15

Shrew, Basil, and Maggie are too old, Joe can't donate so it looks like Foxy and Wispa have the short straws this time!!!!

by Wispa'sMum

Monday 28 Mar 18:55

So sorry everyone - the Blood Bank are not coming this month - but coming in April instead - date to be confirmed.....

by medaftboutdogs

Sunday 27 Mar 22:44

Darn it, can't make it this time, not driving for a while, but will hopefully get Blossom in for the next one, as she seemed not at all fussed. luv t reubes & blossom

by skinnyme

Saturday 26 Mar 23:52

Rocky and shauna a gave a couple of weeks ago so can't donate this time. Please if your grey hasn't given before or if it's been a little while since their donation, book them in, it really does make a difference, zoes dog bobby needed blood last week and it saved his life.

by Emma

Monday 07 Mar 13:40

Kev and Moo are booked too! Sadie said she's just going to observe again but would still like a treat afterwards and a goodie bag ;0)

by Wispa'sMum

Monday 07 Mar 09:47

Foxy and Wispa are booked!

by sarah

Monday 10 Jan 21:04

Thanx 4 that Ruth, he has given the last 2 running so he's off the hook then ! lol. Deal, l will book him in nice and early nxt time, will keep looking 2 c wen they r with u x x

by Wispa'sMum

Monday 10 Jan 19:26

Hi Sarah, I checked with the blood bank and as he gave in December, although they can donate every month, they said it is good to give them a month's rest if possible! See you at the next one then! x

by sarah

Sunday 09 Jan 22:45

ps toby says if he gives blood can he have a new tennis ball cos he wants 2 give it to Gordon x x x

by sarah

Sunday 09 Jan 21:15

Hi Ruth, Toby last gave blood on 14th December, i had it in mind it was 6 weeks between donations, pls let me know if i'm wrong and we'll phone and book him in x

by Wispa'sMum

Sunday 09 Jan 20:31

Please please come along with your grey if you are able to..... the blood bank are desperate! Just call the blood bank to book - you will be helping to save lives.....

by sarah

Tuesday 14 Dec 21:43

Toby said he gave enuff blood 4 3 dogs so u don't have 2 feel guilty at all lol, x he was so chilled that he wudn't get off the bed after - bless him ! Thanxs 4 ur appointment hon x

by Emma

Tuesday 14 Dec 12:57

Oh good - that makes feel a lot less guilty for having to cancel! xxx

by sarah

Monday 13 Dec 19:36

Thanks Emma and Ruth x We have Emma's 11.15 slot, glad of ur help guys x x

by Emma

Sunday 12 Dec 15:56

Hi Sarah, I'm going to have to cancel my booking :0( as it looks like I'm going to be without any transport next week. So, if you want to nab my slots I have got 11.15 and 11.30 booked. I'll ring the Pet Blood Bank tomorrow to let them know, so if you ring them on 01509 232222 they'll reallocate the booking.

by Wispa'sMum

Saturday 11 Dec 06:35

Hi Sarah, give the blood bank a call - if they are full, and you want Toby to give, he can have Wispa or Foxy's slot! x

by sarah

Friday 10 Dec 22:52

r all the appointments gone, was gonna bring toby ??

by medaftboutdogs

Monday 06 Dec 19:48

Just managed to get Ruebes & Blossom booked in, think we got the last slots...! See you all next week at 3.15, luv t

by Wispa'sMum

Sunday 03 Oct 19:13

Hi themartins... sorry about this. I have spoken to the blood bank and they would prefer to do all pet dogs on one session and Daybreaks greys in another as before..... hope you might be able to come in December - the treatment room hopefully will be finished by then! If you want to call me with your details - if you are available on 'standby' in case we are short of trust dogs able to give, please do.

by themartins

Sunday 03 Oct 19:08

WE phoned the pet blood bank on Friday to book Olive and Ruby in and were told that the session was only for the kennel dogs and we couldn't book rehomed dogs in until 14 December? Is this right - when they last donated in July there were 2 sessions one for kennel dogs and one for rehomed ones?

by janet12000

Thursday 30 Sep 20:24

I'll be phoning tomorrow to book Bea Boo in. x

by kallie

Tuesday 28 Sep 20:07

i shall book in Rossi and Toby as i don't think McKenzie should give at mo as he has had an op and been on anti bios for 5 weeks!!!. will ring b/b and book it for them, i am on hols that week, yeah. xxxx

by Wispa'sMum

Monday 27 Sep 20:19

Basil, Foxy and Wispa are booked!