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Walk at Sutton Park Banners Gate Entrance

Sunday 30 Sep 2012

by PamD

Updated: Saturday 29 Aug

Banners Gate Entrance, Banner's Gate Road, Chester Road corner. B73 6TX

10.30am meet for an 11am start

Come along and experience one of Heathers now famous Sutton Walks. You are welcome to come along even if you don't own a greyhound, or if you are interested in finding out more about adopting one. There have been up to 95 greys and their families at these walks and you are welcome to walk along side anyone to find out more about our breed.

At the end of the walk (for a small donation) you can enjoy the culinary delights made by Heather and her family. ( Vegetarian Samosas are sometimes available, made by a local Indian Restaurant) Coffee,Tea and Squash are also available. RGT Merchandise is available for sale.


"Paula's Nail Bar" will be with us to clip any doggy nails that need attention. Suggested minimum donation £1.00 per paw. Even the most nervous dogs seem to relax for Paula.

Remember to bring some money to support our mega raffle. Surplus gifts as prizes are always welcome.

100% of the profit from donations, nail clipping and raffle goes to the Perry Barr RGT to fund essential vets bills, food  and kennelling costs.

If you are interested at helping out at this event, selling raffle tickets, serving refreshments or making cakes, please give me a call.

**There have been reports of Ecoli in Sutton Park. Please bring hand wipes and hand gel to clean up before enjoying the refreshments.

We are hoping that the new toilet block in the play area will be ready by our next walk, as this will have proper hand washing facilities.

Please come and join us for our walk and a chat.




In order to save money we will not have the portaloo on site for this event.

For details tele Heather 07971 832854

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by sarah

Saturday 22 Sep 23:40

Is there any news yet as to whether the walk is going ahead, postponed or relocated ?

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by rolohound

Thursday 20 Sep 08:35

I was thinking this too Deb. Perhaps the walk could be relocated to another local park, such as Pypes Hayes where I have not heard they have any issues. Could be a concern with young children attending Sutton walk & the consumption of food at the event. Would be a shame if it just got cancelled completely.

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by Deb

Wednesday 19 Sep 18:44

I s the walk still on given the outbreak of e coli?
If it is I have copied the info below off the City Councils website

Risk of infection - There is an outbreak of E.coli O157 in Sutton Park

E.coli O157 infection can be a very serious illness. It is linked to contact with animals and animal poo. You can pick up this bug on your hands and accidentally transfer it to your mouth. Young children are particularly at risk.

Please take the following precautions

•Children aged 10 years and younger should not visit the park until further notice. Alternative animal-free sites are available locally.
•Avoid contact with animals and animal poo.
•Do not eat or play in areas where there are animals or animal poo.
•Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water as soon as possible after touching fences, contaminated clothes or other surfaces in places where animals have been.
•Wash hands thoroughly immediately before eating or drinking. Please use the hand washing facilities available at the Visitor Centre, Wyndley Leisure Centre and site restaurants.
•Do not eat anything that has fallen on the ground.
•Remove and clean dirty footwear and clean pushchair and bicycle wheels as soon as possible following a visit to the park. Then wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
Keep well, wash your hands, and enjoy your day at Sutton Park

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