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Fun in the Run!

by Wispa'sMum


I am pleased to announce that the Run at Daybreaks Kennels is now open for use! 

You can book a slot to bring your dog(s) by calling the kennels on 0121 782 7702.

Sessions will be booked in reply to demand (including evenings).

We want you and your dog to enjoy your time in our free running area but please take note of a few simple requirements before you begin.

It is advisable to speak to your vet to confirm that your dog is deemed medically fit to run free.

You will need to complete a disclaimer form prior to using the run.  We can email one to you prior to your session if you request via

A miminum donation of £5 is required to use the run each session.





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by Hartstone

Wednesday 16 Sep 09:21

An awesome venue to free run your dogs and so cheap ..........Safe as houses and the dogs love it .............

6 others liked this

by Springy

Wednesday 12 Aug 17:40

A huge thank you to Sara ,Jess ,Sarah and all the volunteers for the fantastic footage you keep putting on Facebook , it's great to see how playful a greyhound can be . This is just what the run was created for . X

4 others liked this

by lisa1875

Tuesday 14 Jul 19:55

I'll book Sully and Tango in for a run around Thursday about 11 when I get chance to ring up xx

3 others liked this

by Shanesmum

Tuesday 14 Jul 19:46

I love the way some of the Greys will run up and down, round and round, chase toys and generally go loopy in the run while others look up at you as if to say "And you want me to do what?!!" Even if they don't have a run, I think they still enjoy some time off lead just mooching around, having a good old sniff, wandering about to suit themselves - then standing gazing longingly at the gate when they've had enough and are ready for a lie down!! Do book your slot and your dog can enjoy some free time and you know they are safe and secure in the fully enclosed run. x

4 others liked this

by MomofTess

Tuesday 14 Jul 18:23

The run is great, well worth booking a slot. We will be booking again very soon hopefully.

3 others liked this

by Lewisfuggie

Tuesday 14 Jul 14:34

Come on guys, have you seen how big this run is and its all secure. Why not bring your dogs down for a run. xx

5 others liked this

by susy

Sunday 14 Jun 11:24

Will be booking in the near future but we are sold and in the process of moving. so will be there in the near suture. The New Icemaid Clan

1 others liked this

by Lewisfuggie

Sunday 31 May 16:05

Don't forget guys - you can book the run for an evening also, as we have volunteers who can come up and let you in !! x

5 others liked this

by Minnie&Ted

Monday 25 May 22:54

we visited the kennels today to get some dog food and saw the run it looks amazing will definitely be booking a slot on my next day of for Minnie and ted to have a run .well done to all of you for all the hard work everyone has put in to make it look so good.

6 others liked this

by stevie,sarah,willow&Max'smum

Monday 25 May 16:59

Took my 3 to the run today. They had a fab time, tired out really quickly. As it was their first time I did muzzle them just in case the exitement got the better of them but all were great (apart from Stevie weeing on Willows head, that dog never cocks his leg, what a time to start). Anyway he got his comeuppance when he had his nails cut, was not happy and was escorted to tbe back of the kennels where Ruth managed to do them. Would thoroughly recommend this and will be booking a regular slot. Many thanks for everything today Ruth. X

10 others liked this

by Wispa'sMum

Monday 25 May 10:29

If anyone is sitting there thinking what shall I do today.... well - I have the perfect way of keeping you active as well as helping the kennels! We still have a large amount of sand to move and if you have a spade - we have the wheelbarrow and would be grateful for any help.... just give me a call :-) Ruth

3 others liked this

by Wispa'sMum

Monday 25 May 10:11

Hi Hartstone - we are booking half hour slots at the moment hoping that will be plenty of time x

3 others liked this

by Hartstone

Monday 25 May 09:46

Awesome news indeed and well done to all the stars that have helped.
One question , How long are the sessions?

Can't wait to bring the hartstone clan


3 others liked this

by LadyVictoria

Sunday 24 May 23:07

I agree with Shanesmum...the run is brilliant! Well done to Ruth and everyone involved in the project. I know you have encountered problems and setbacks along the way but I hope seeing the dogs having so much fun makes you all feel the stress has been worthwhile! Xxx

8 others liked this

by Shanesmum

Sunday 24 May 18:18

The run is brilliant, and will be such a boon to those who want to see their Greys run but need a safe place to do so. It has been lovely to see the kennels dogs enjoying it, some race around like mad things and others have a little trot up and down and then look at you as if to say "ok, need a lie down and a snooze now!!". Please book your session and come along and let your Grey have some fun, and your donations will help look after the kennels residents too so everyone's a winner. x

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